If your organization has many report suites that apply to different portions within your company, Adobe provides the ability to create additional login companies. Separate login companies can provide more relevant and precise information to different individuals within your organization. This feature is especially useful for large organizations that deal with different business units where many report suites are not applicable to others in their company.

Properties of new login companies

  • When report suites are copied to new login companies, all report suite settings (including variable names and customized menus) are shared. For example, if menu customization changes are made within one login company, those changes are immediately reflected in the other company as well.
  • Only report suites that belong to the same billing company can be added to new login companies.
  • User permissions on one login company do NOT affect any report suites on another login company.

Requesting a new login company

To request having an additional login company enabled, contact your CSM with the following information:

  • Data Center: Which data center your organization resides on (San Jose, Dallas, or London).
  • The login company name: Must be a unique value that has not been used yet.
  • Report suite prefix: The same as your existing company prefix as indicated when creating a report suite via the Admin Console.
  • The existing login company
  • Number of user logins: The anticipated number of people that access the login company. Additional logins can be requested at a later date if this original number is not sufficient.
  • Report Suites: A list of report suite IDs copied to the new login company.


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