Learn what information is not shared when accessing report suite data from multiple login companies.

Report suites have the potential to be viewed between multiple login companies if an organization specifically requests it. However, there are several important things to note that can affect your decision to permit this availability of data.

Report suite data vs. login company data

Report suites aren't 'copied' or 'transferred' between login companies. Instead, each login company contains a backend list of what report suites it can access. A single report suite can be on that list within multiple login companies. In this context, it is important to understand that there is a distinction between report suite data and login company data.

  • Report suite data specifically contains your site data itself, and how that data is processed.
  • Login company data specifically contains how you and others in your organization access that data.

This distinction is only important when the report suite is listed under a login company outside the one it was created under. Otherwise, the Analytics UI treats them as seamless.

Shared - Report suite data

While report suite data and report suite settings are shared between login companies, that is mostly the extent of what is available. The following list is components that are the same regardless of which login company accesses them:

  • The report suite data itself: Pulling the same report between login companies always yields identical results.
  • Report suite settings: If you access it in the Admin Console's Report Suite Manager, that information is shared. Examples include variable names, allocation, marketing channel processing rules, uploaded/processed classification data, and others.


If a report suite is visible in multiple login companies, admins in either organization can make changes to it. When making changes to these types of report suites, use caution and be cognizant of admins in other login companies that share the report suite. 

Not shared - Login company data

Anything user-specific is NOT copied or transferred. All of these components are considered login company data, as the information is stored in the login company and not the report suite. The following list is NOT shared between login companies:

  • User accounts and settings, including permissions
  • All Workspace projects, both individual and shared
  • Segments
  • Calculated metrics
  • Alerts
  • Classification rules: While uploaded and processed classification data is shared, the rules within the classification rule builder are not. Be careful to not set classification rules in different login companies for the same report suite.
  • Anything outside the Admin Console's Report Suite Manager

Requesting a report suite be visible in an additional login company

Exposing a report suite within an additional login company is a manual process that only an Adobe representative can do. To help protect data, report suites are only permitted for login companies within the same billing customer.


Sharing a report suite between IMS orgs or changing a report suite's IMS org is possible, but not recommended. Potential issues can arise in the following:

  • Inconsistent report suite visibility in the Experience Cloud Admin Console
  • Inconsistent report suite visibility in the Billing tab of Analytics
  • Visitor ID cookies reset, cliffing unique visitor counts
  • Device Co-op links reset, causing issues with Estimated People, A4T, and segment publishing

To request that a report suite be accessible under another login company, have a customer support delegate contact Adobe Customer Care with the following:

  • The report suite ID (RSID) in question
  • The login company name it currently resides under
  • The additional login company you would like to access it under
  • Whether you'd like the original login company to still access the report suite

The Adobe representative can validate the request and make the change.