Same-as-SiteCatalyst VISTA processing is a backend setting used primarily for Data Warehouse. In Reports & Analytics, VISTA rules are always run at the time of data collection. However, Data Warehouse can have this option enabled or disabled.

  • When enabled, VISTA rules and processing rules are run at the time of data collection. Data inside Data Warehouse is virtually identical to data stored within Adobe Analytics.
  • When disabled, VISTA rules and processing rules are run at the time of requesting data. Data inside Data Warehouse can potentially be different from data stored within Adobe Analytics if VISTA rules or processing rules are used.

Recommended Setting

Adobe recommends having this setting enabled if any of the following affect you:

  • Speed of running Data Warehouse reports: Data Warehouse reports running Same-as-SiteCatalyst VISTA processing are processed much faster.
  • Consistency between Adobe Analytics and Data Warehouse: Enabling this setting helps ensure that VISTA rules and processing rules are applied in the exact same way across both data platforms.
  • Processing Rules and Context Data variables: Data Warehouse does not include data from context data variables unless Same-as-SiteCatalyst VISTA processing is enabled. This setting particularly affects report suites using lifecycle metrics, mobile, social, and video data.

Enabling this setting

All report suites created since the release of version 15 have Same-as-SiteCatalyst VISTA processing enabled by default, however some older report suites may not. To request a report suite's status on this setting and/or to enable it, have a supported user contact Customer Care.


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