The classification rule builder is a powerful tool that allows users to classify new values as they come in to report suites. While powerful, the tool requires configuration by the user to be effective. If you are having trouble getting rules to work correctly, use the following guide. See Classification Rule Builder for more information.

Troubleshoot the availability of report suites or variables

  • In order for report suites and variables to appear in the classification rule builder, create classifications for the report suites and variables in question. See Add or Edit a Traffic Classification or Add Conversion Classifications for more information.
  • Once a classification is created, the report suite and variable is available to select. See also Create a classification rule set.
  • Multiple classification rulesets cannot be created for the same report suite and variable. If you want to classify a variable where a classification ruleset exists, modify the existing ruleset instead of creating another one.

Troubleshooting classification values

If after creating classification rules are you seeing unexpected data in reporting, check the following:

  • Classification rules are not applied immediately: Classification rules take at least 24 hours before they take effect. If your classification rules are less than 24 hours old, give them time before checking reports.
  • Existing values were collected before the lookback window: If classification values are more than six months old, use the classification importer. The classification rule builder is designed for new or recent variable values. Existing values can be retroactively classified up to six months by specifying so in the lookback window. The default time period is one month.
  • Existing rules interfere with the current rule: Rule order matters in the classification rule builder. Check to make sure that no other rules interfere with the classification rule in question.
  • Values do not match the classification rule: Always validate rules using the 'Test Rule set' button in the classification rule builder. See Test a classification rule set for more information.

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