If you are unable to login into Adobe Analytics, try troubleshooting via the following steps:

1. Clear the browser cache and cookies and try logging in again. If the issue persists try logging in from a different browser. If you are able to login, that is a browser specific issue and you may look at its settings to determine the solution

2. Try logging in from another login location, such as my.omniture.com, sc.omniture.com, sc2.omniture.com, or sitecatalyst.omniture.com

3. Restart the system and try logging in again

4. Use a different computer to access Adobe Analytics

5. Login using internet from a different network, such as at home, via a mobile data
connection, or elsewhere. If you are able to login, work with your company’s IT
team to get the problem rectified. Make sure the Adobe IP addresses are
whitelisted by your company IT firewall. Access the list of IP’s here 

If you are still unable to login then one or more of the below listed causes might be at work:

1. You are using the incorrect login credentials, check that you are using the right character combination and letter case (upper/lower) in your password and the company name and user name are both correct. Use the ‘Forgot password’ option if you are unsure of your password

2. Also make sure you are using the correct login method – Standard or Single Sign On(SSO)

3. Your account validity has expired. It may happen if you are given access only for a certain period of time which has since passed. Contact your company Admin in this scenario.

4. A scheduled maintenance is underway or the data center is down. Sometimes during a product maintenance or a data center incident the interface may cause login problems. Please keep checking status.adobe.com and wait for the maintenance/incident to get resolved.

5. Too many unsuccessful attempts at logging in also results in your account getting locked for security reasons. If your account is locked out view the article for troubleshooting steps 

6. A Data Center migration may lead to some SSO logins getting disabled. It would require replacement of metadata in the system. Reach out to Adobe Client Care in this case. 

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