Some implementations use a tracking object other than s to assign variable values. This type of implementation is especially easy when using the tag manager capability as it provides a field to customize the tracking object. Modified tracking objects are always preceded with s_ (For example, s_example or s_adobe).

Plug-ins do not work by default with customized tracking objects. However, you can modify them to make them work successfully. To do so, take the plug-in code, and replace every mention of the s tracking object with your custom tracking object. For example, the following code is the first few lines comparing an original getQueryParam plug-in to a modified one:

/* First several lines of getQueryParam 2.3 Original */
s.getQueryParam=new Function("p","d","u",""
+"var s=this,v='',i,t;d=d?d:'';u=u?u:(s.pageURL?s.pageURL:s.wd.locati"

/* First several lines of getQueryParam 2.3 Modified for s_adobe*/
s_adobe.getQueryParam=new Function("p","d","u",""
+"var s_adobe=this,v='',i,t;d=d?d:'';u=u?u:(s_adobe.pageURL?s_adobe.pageURL:s_adobe.wd.locati"

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