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How to create and publish an HTML5 Canvas document

Learn how to create and publish an HTML5 canvas document. (Try it, 6 min)

FromHemanth Sharma

Adobe Flash Professional is now Animate CC. All the features and functionality shown can now be found in Animate.

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In this video, learn how to create new HTML5 canvas based documents in Flash Professional CC and publish them. The support for HTML5 canvas documents also makes it extremely simple to port or convert existing Flash AS3 projects and content into HTML5 canvas based content. With support for JavaScript editing in Flash Professional CC, it is very simple to create, port and publish HTML5 based content for the web.

Convert FLA to HTML 5 (1:00); Translate AS3 to JS code (2:18); Conversion process (3:51); Content affected by conversion (5:27)

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Hemanth Sharma

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