Update project dimensions, scale your content, and export video using custom resolution settings.

Adobe Flash Professional is now Animate. All the features and functionality shown can now be found in Animate.


Publish and export new and existing content

The export and publish options in Adobe Animate make it easy to repurpose and modernize your projects. There's no need to recreate artwork ― simply update the Stage dimensions and resize the content to output new animations, games, and ads for mobile devices, desktop, and the web. Create content for a wide range of monitors, including Hi-DPI and Retina displays. Export video at any resolution to optimize playback on any screen, such as Ultra HD 4K TVs. As standards evolve, the fluid output settings in Animate let you to deliver content to meet tomorrow’s specifications.

Scale the dimensions of existing projects

Resize the Stage by changing the Width or Height values in the Properties panel. Use your existing projects to deliver new assets, such as converting a 1080p animation to a banner ad. Create animated content confidently, knowing that you can easily resize the Stage later.

Click Advanced Settings and choose an anchor position to control how your artwork displays on the resized Stage. For example, click the center anchor to center your content.


Resize your artwork

Update the scale of your content to match new requirements. Deliver different versions of the same project without recreating your source files from scratch. Enable the Scale Content option in the Properties panel or in the Advanced Settings window and repurpose your existing projects to display on a wide range of screens. Work more efficiently by scaling, not redrawing, your existing artwork.


Custom video resolutions

Export content using custom video resolution settings to display on any screen, including the latest ultra high definition monitors and televisions. It's not necessary to scale the artwork, resize the Stage, or make any other changes to your project. Simply enter the desired resolution dimensions and export the video file. 

Choose File > Export > Export Video to open the Export Video dialog box. Set the desired Width and Height settings and click Export. For example, to target Ultra HD 4K TVs, set the Stage size to 3840 x 2160. You have complete control over the video export resolution settings in Animate.


Contributors: Jonathan Peterson, Tommi West

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