Learn how to create and publish hardware accelerated WebGL content in Animate.

Adobe Flash Professional is now Animate. All the features and functionality shown can now be found in Animate.


See how to export as WebGL

This view-only tutorial shows how to take existing Flash animations and output them as hardware accelerated WebGL animations. This allows your content to run on any browser that supports WebGL.

What is WebGL? (0:12); SWF vs. WebGL (0:52); Embeded server (1:26)

Try the WebGL Runtime API

This hands-on tutorial introduces the Flash WebGL Runtime API, which lets you add interactivity to WebGL animations. The JavaScript API can add, remove, and control elements on the scene, enabling you to create responsive animation for the web.

To follow along, download the ZIP file that accompanies this tutorial.

For API reference, read the documentation for WebGL runtime API.

Set linkage (1:30); Set publish settings (3:10); Add Javavscript to create interactive controls (3:48)

Contributor: Hemanth Sharma

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