This document provides instructions for Acrobat XI. If you're using Acrobat DC, see Acrobat DC Help.

Acrobat and Reader let you open and save files to online file management services such as, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft SharePoint. You can access PDF files hosted on these online services either through their web interface or directly in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.


Your SharePoint administrator must configure the SharePoint server to enable editing of PDF documents. See this TechNote for details.

Access PDF files in an online account

Acrobat Open and Save dialog boxes let you choose an online account.

Open and Save dialog boxes
Open and Save dialog boxes let you access files from online accounts.

To access or save to Office 365 or SharePoint resources, choose New Account from the Open/Save To An Online Account menu.

 Choose Online Account dialog box
In the Choose Online Account dialog box, you specify the URL for the account.

You can specify the URL using the following options:

  • (Windows) URL of the repository; for example, http://mysharepointserver/mysite/mydoclib

  • (Windows) Complete UNC path; for example, \\mysharepointserver\mysite\mydoclib

  • Mapped network drives

Check out a file from SharePoint

The safest way to work on a PDF file that resides on an Office 365 or SharePoint Server is to check out the file. Other users cannot edit the file while you're working on it.

  1. To check out a PDF file, do one of the following:

    • (Windows) Using Internet Explorer, navigate to the PDF file on the Office 365 or SharePoint portal. Click the document or choose Edit Document from the file pop-up menu.

    • In Acrobat or Reader, choose File > Open, choose New Account from the Open An Online Account menu. Then select either Office 365 or SharePoint, and specify the URL or complete UNC path of the PDF file.

  2. A dialog box displays the filename and location. Click one of the following:

    • Check Out and Open

    • Open, to open the file without checking it out


If you are required to sign in to the SharePoint server, enter your user name and password when prompted.

Cancel checkout

You can discard the checked-out version of a PDF file if you don’t want to save your changes.

  1. Choose File > SharePoint/Office 365 Server > Discard Check Out.

  2. A confirmation message appears. Click OK.


You cannot edit a document offline.

Prepare document properties

You can specify the document’s Office 365 or SharePoint properties from within Acrobat or Reader.

  1. Choose File > SharePoint/Office 365 Server > Prepare Document Properties.

  2. Double-click the property to edit. The Edit dialog box appears. Enter a value and click OK.

Check in

When you complete your edits, you can check the file into the Office 365 or SharePoint server. Other users can see the changes. If versioning is enabled, Office 365 or SharePoint also manages version history for the file.

  1. Choose File > SharePoint/Office 365 Server > Check In. The Check In dialog box appears.

  2. If version numbering is enabled, the version information appears. Choose major version, minor version, or overwrite current version.

  3. Enter the Version Comments.

  4. Optionally, enable Keep the Document Checked Out After Checking In This Version and click OK.

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