Feature summary | Character Animator (July and May 2021 releases)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the July 2021 (version 4.4) and May 2021 (version 4.2) releases of Character Animator.

Native Apple silicon support

July 2021 release (version 4.4)

Character Animator runs natively on Mac systems with Apple silicon, which offers improved performance and greater energy efficiency.

Note: Third-party integrations such as plug-ins must be updated by the developer to run natively on Apple silicon and may or may not work on Rosetta 2 emulation mode.

Other enhancements

July 2021 release (version 4.4)

  • Speech aware animation: Improved compute (processing) speed.
  • Speech aware animation: Reduced parallax movement that could cause facial features to float unnaturally.
  • The File > Export > Video with Alpha via Adobe Media Encoder menu option now uses the Apple ProRes 444 with alpha preset for QuickTime instead of GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with alpha.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Security fixes

July 2021 release (version 4.4)

For information about the security fixes, click here.

Automatic recovery of damaged project files

May 2021 release (version 4.2)

Damaged project files due to reasons such as power loss are now automatically recovered. Recovered files are renamed and a fresh copy is saved in your system.
Note: Automatic recovery works for project files created in version 4.0 and later.

Drag files onto the Home screen

May 2021 release (version 4.2)

Files can now also be imported into a project by dragging them onto the Home screen (Welcome panel).

Work Area updates

May 2021 release (version 4.2)

  • A scene’s work area can now be moved and trimmed during playback. 
  • Setting the start of a work area after its current end time, or the end of the work area before its current start time, now shifts the work area to the playhead.
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