Sometimes you may expect certain analytics variables to fire on a page but they do not show up in the image request. The reasons for the same are related in some or the other way to the implementation on the website.

Here are a list of troubleshooting pointers you can follow if your Analytics variables are not firing on a webpage load:

For DTM Implementation

  1. Check if the variable has been added in the list of variables while adding the Analytics tool or creating a rule.
  2. Also ensure that all the changes have been approved and published in DTM. The changes are implemented only after being published on the web property.
  3. Make sure the rule is triggered on the page. You can debug the rule using DTM switch plugins for Chrome and Firefox by switching over to debug mode. Details about the DTM switch are given here

For Legacy Implementation

  1. Double-check the spelling and capitalization of the variables in the code. Many analytics variables are written in the CamelCase format for example, eVar contains a capital ‘V’. All details about using variables can be found here
  2. When using Javascript Implementation, check if the s.variable settings are correct and there is no additional scripts that are interfering with it
  3. Check if the variable is not set after the s.t() or call is fired otherwise it would not be sent in the image request

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