Many online sources reference Adobe Marketing Cloud products by their former names. This article lists some of the popular Omniture products with their current branding.

  • Omniture is now Adobe: Adobe acquired Omniture in October 2009. Adobe continued using the term "Omniture" for a time after the acquisition, but is now considered obsolete. One of the only places where the term "Omniture" is still used is the domain to access Adobe Analytics, which is When referring to products formerly named Omniture, refer to the specific solution or capability, or the Adobe Marketing Cloud as a whole.
  • The Omniture Suite, Online Marketing Suite, and Digital Marketing Suite are now the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Products in the formerly branded suites have been aggregated into solutions. The Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions are: Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, Social, and Campaign. Each solution has several capabilities, formerly branded as individual products.
  • The Adobe Analytics solution: Adobe Analytics is the combination of several former Omniture products. Each has been renamed to support their corresponding capability.
    • SiteCatalyst is now Reports & Analytics
    • Discover is now Ad Hoc Analysis
    • Insight is now Data Workbench
    • Genesis is now Data Connectors
    • DataWarehouse is now Data Warehouse
    • ReportBuilder is now Report Builder
    • SAINT is now Classifications
    • A full list of Adobe Analytics capabilities can be found here.
Generally the solution is used when referring to the product. For example, "Our organization currently uses Adobe Analytics". When referring to a specific capability, include the solution if not already in context of the sentence or conversation. For example, "I enjoy using the ad hoc analysis capability in Adobe Analytics".

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