An account is locked, and a user can't log in

Occasionally, a user within your organization receives the following error message when they log in:

As a security precaution, this account has been locked due to too many failed attempts to log in.


To reactivate this account, work with an Analytics administrator within your organization by following these steps:


To aid in keeping your data secure and prevent unauthorized access, there are few circumstances where Adobe representatives can reset or provide passwords. Make sure that you complete all steps before opening an incident with Customer Care.

To regain access to Adobe Analytics, try each of the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Clear the browser's cookies and cache: If credentials are correct, this step resolves about 90% of login issues. 
  2. Have a user with Admin permissions reset the account's password:
    1. Log in to Adobe Analytics with an account that has administrative rights.
    2. Navigate to Admin > User Management.
    3. Click the Users tab, then click the Edit link next to the user that is unable to log in.
    4. Change the password to whatever you want, and select Require User To Change Password On Next Login.
    5. Inform the user of the changed password.
  3. If neither of the above steps work, locate how broad the issue is: 
    • Can the user login if they try another log-in location, such as,,, or
    • Can the user login if they try a different browser?
    • Can the user login if they access Analytics from another computer?
    • Can the user login if they access the Internet from a different network, such as at home, via a mobile data connection, or elsewhere?

If the user can log in using any of the above, work with your organization's IT team to resolve the issue based on its breadth. If none of the above steps work, have one of your organization's supported users contact Customer Care. Make sure that they indicate that you have followed the above steps. An Adobe representative can then do more troubleshooting on the back end to restore access to the affected login.

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