Standard metrics follow the rules set in context of the report being viewed:

  • Conversion variables: A single value is given credit based on that variable's allocation.
  • Traffic variables: A single value is given traffic credit based on the same image request that variable fired on.


The Page Name variable uses linear allocation for conversion events.

Instead of attributing credit to a single value, participation metrics give full credit to all values seen before the conversion event in the same visit. This concept applies to both traffic and conversion variables.

Differences in reporting

  • Participation metrics higher than standard metrics: This difference is expected behavior, as participation receives credit for multiple values. Standard metrics only attribute credit for one value (or in the case of linear allocation, divide that single conversion event as a fraction to multiple values).
  • Standard metrics higher than participation metrics: This difference is not possible in reporting. A participation metric always gets credit for a success event alongside any standard metric.

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