The report builder Excel add-in capability requires authentication from Adobe Analytics servers to create data requests from your report suites. This login uses the same credentials to log in to Adobe Analytics. Sometimes, there are issues logging in to Report Builder depending on your settings within Adobe Analytics or your network.

Determine if the issue is specific to your account or Report Builder

Log in to Adobe Analytics via with the same credentials you are trying to use in Report Builder. If you are able to log in to the Analytics web interface, the issue is isolated to Report Builder. If it doesn't work, the issue is likely due to invalid credentials. Contact an Analytics admin within your organization to resolve your account issues.

Report Builder specific issues

If you are able to log in to the Report and Analytics interface but not Report Builder, it is likely due to one of the following:
  • Firewall: The report builder capability uses ports 80 and 443. Ensure that these ports are allowed through your organization's firewall, and work with your organization's IT team as necessary. See also IP Addresses used in the Marketing Cloud for additional firewall exclusions.
  • Proxy: If your organization uses a proxy server, work with your organization's IT team to ensure the settings are properly filled out.

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