There are several reasons why data displays in the reports & analytics capability but not data warehouse. Check the following to see if any apply:

  • Segment does not match any hits within the specified date range: Check your segment definition to ensure that it matches data.
  • Data that VISTA rules affects: Unless explicitly requested, VISTA rules do not affect the data warehouse capability by default. If you are not sure that your VISTA rules apply to DataWarehouse, have one of your organization's supported users contact Customer Care. Provide the Adobe representative with the report suite ID in question. This ID allows them to easily provide you with a list of VISTA rules and whether they affect data warehouse. If you want to apply an existing rule to data warehouse, contact your Account Manager.
  • Adobe Media Optimizer metrics: Preclick data is not available in data warehouse. These metrics include Clicks, Impressions, Cost, and Quality Score.
  • Data Sourced data: Data imported using summary data sources are not available in data warehouse.
  • Data connectors data: Because the data connectors capability uses data sources to import data into Adobe Analytics, these metrics are not available in data warehouse.
  • Excessive breakdowns in data warehouse: If a request contains a large number of breakdowns, some zeros can be returned. Using many breakdowns separates your data into increasingly smaller portions, many of which do not contain any data. Using a smaller number of breakdowns or using segmentation can help consolidate your data to become more actionable.

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