How to know which IPs send emails
This document details all the steps needed to add publicID in Campaign Classic delivery logs


 This document's purpose is how to define which IP sent each email in a delivery.


This modification is different if you are using a single instance or mid-sourcing instance. Before doing the modification ensure you're connected to email sending instance.

Step 1: Extend the schema

To add publicID in your delivery logs you need to extend the schema first. You can proceed as follow.

  1. Create a schema extension, under Administration > Configuration > Data Schemas > New.

    For more information about schema extensions, refer to this page.

  2. Select broadLogRcp to extend the Recipient delivery logs (nms) and define a custom Namespace. In this case it will be cus:

    Extend Schema


    If your instance is in Mid-sourcing, you need to work with broadLogMid schema.

  3. Add the new field in your extension. In this sample, you need to replace:

    <element img="nms:broadLog.png" label="Recipient delivery logs" 
    labelSingular="Recipient delivery log" name="broadLogRcp"/>


    <element img="nms:broadLog.png" label="Recipient delivery logs" 
    labelSingular="Recipient delivery log" name="broadLogRcp">
       <attribute desc="Outbound IP identifier" label="IP identifier" 
    name="publicId" type="long"/>
    Edit Schema

Step 2: Update database structure

Once modifications are done, you need to update database structure so that it is aligned with its logical description.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Tools > Advanced > Update database structure... menu.

    Update database structure
  2. In the Edit tables window, the NmsBroadLogRcp table is checked (or the broadLogMid table if your are in a Mid-sourcing environment), as below:

    Edit tables


    Always ensure there is no other modification, except the NmsBroadLoGRcp table (or the broadLogMid table if your are in a Mid-sourcing environment). If so, uncheck other tables.

  3. Click Next to validate. The following screen is displayed:

    Update Script
  4. Click Next, and Start to start updating database structure. Index building is starting. This step can be long, depending on the number of rows in the NmsBroadLogRcp table.

    Start database update


    Once update of the physical structure of the database is sucessfully completed, you need to disconnect and reconnect so that your modifications are taken into account.

Step 3: Validate the modification

To confirm everything worked correctly, you need to update delivery logs screen.

To do this, access the delivery logs and add the IP identifier column.

List Configuration


To learn how to configure lists in Campaign Classic interface, refer to this page.

Below is what you should see in the Delivery tab after modifications:

IP Identifier