Learn how to add users or user groups in Captivate Prime application.

You can add learners, authors, administrators and external users. Only designated administrators of the organization can perform these tasks.

As an Administrator, you can add users in three ways:


  • As a single user
  • Bulk import (using CSV upload)


  • Through external enrollment (add groups)

You can also set up self registration profiles for users so they can register themselves as users in Captivate Prime. 

Add users

Create and manage user accounts for learners. Click Add to add single or multiple users by uploading a .csv file or to set up self registration profiles. You can select one or multiple users from the learners list and click Actions>Delete to remove learners. Manager roles are assigned to users by Adobe Captivate Prime based on the roles/privileges mentioned by your organization in the .csv file.


You can add internal users by clicking Bulk import and single users. Click self registration tab to set profiles for learners to register themselves. 

Add internal users
Add internal users

Bulk import

Add multiple users at a time by uploading an existing csv file. Click Import, select the .csv file from your desktop and click Add.
You need to map the csv data contents to the application labels when you upload the csv first time. For subsequent uploads, if the mapping is not done again, previous settings are considered.

Refer to the FAQ for more information on the CSV upload process. 

Self registration

Using this feature, you can enable employees of your organization to register themselves as learners to Captivate Prime account.

  1. Choose Self Registration tab. Click Add Group. A pop-up dialog appears. 
  2. Enter profile name and the manager name of the employee.
  3. You can upload the profile picture of the employee by clicking Upload Image icon.
  4. Click Save.

Alternatively, you can click Add at the upper-right corner of the page and click Self registration. Enter the details in the pop-up dialog as mentioned in above steps.

An url appears with an option to copy. Copy the url and send it in an e-mail to the intended learners. Learners can register themselves by accessing the url.

Single users
  1. Click Users on the left pane.
  2. Click Single Users tab and click Add>Single User at the upper-right corner of the page. Add user dialog appears. 
Add single users
Add single users

  1. Add the single user/learner name, profile/designation, email id, and the learner’s manager name. If you are not aware of the manager name, then you can choose any existing learner name who can be treated as manager for the new learner and click Add.

View/edit user information

You can view the list of learners and their assigned roles as well. Click each user name to view the details of the user as shown in the snapshot below. 

View the list of learners and their assigned roles
View the list of learners and their assigned roles

You can also filter the list of users based on their roles and registration status. Click Role or Users to filter the list accordingly, as shown in the snapshot below. 

Role and user filter
Role and user filter

Edit users

Click Edit icon at the upper right corner of the user information to edit the user details. A dialog appears as shown below. 

If you add any additional fields using active fields workflow, you can view those additional fields also in this dialog. 

At this dialog, you can also change the profile of the users as Manager, Admin, learner, and author. 

Edit user credentials
Edit user credentials

Internal user states (self-registration users)

Internal users can be in one of the following states: 

  • Active - In this state, the internal users can register themselves and also log in to the Captivate Prime application.
  • Pause - In this state, the registration process is blocked for the self-registration users. However, the existing users can continue to login. 


Adobe Captivate Prime provides you the facility to enroll external department members or external employees of your organization to the application.

  1. In Administrator mode, click Users on the left pane.
  2. Click External on the left pane. 
  3. Click Add
    Add User dialog appears as shown in the snapshot below. 
  4. Add the team/group name, Manager email, number of learners who can enroll to the courses and the group expiry date.
  5. Enter the domain names of your choice in the Allowed Domains field. Only those users with the specified domain names can register to the account.
  6. If you want an email verification to be sent to users, select the Email Verification Required checkbox.
  7. Upload image that represents the external group by clicking Add image field or by drag & drop.
  8. Specifify the number of days within which the user needs to login before being automatically deleted in the Inactivity Limit field.
  9. Click Save. Administrator can copy registration url and send it to the external enrollment group.
Add external users in Captivate Prime
Add external users in Captivate Prime


Now, the external users can register by following the registration url and by providing the basic info and a password. New users can log in to Captivate Prime using their email-id and password. After login, they are directed to Catalog page.

Pause the external user group

After adding an external user group to Captivate Prime, you can also pause the external users registration process. When you pause, the external users registration process is blocked. However, this process works only when the users haven't registered yet by accepting the invitation. 

To pause the external user groups, click Actions from the upper-right corner of the page and choose Pause.


At any point in time, you can always revoke the blockage (pause) by choosing a Resume option. Click Actions at the upper-right corner of the page and choose Resume

External user states

In Captivate Prime, the following states are applicable for external users: 

  • Inactive state - In this state, the external users registration is expired. Administrators set the expiry date for the external users while adding them through the add user workflow. 
  • Active state - In this state, the external users can register to the Captivate Prime application, and also log in to the application. 
  • Pause - In this state, the registration process for external users is blocked. However, the existing users can continue to login. 

Assign author/administrator roles to users

Create and manage user accounts for authors/administrators. To add the users as authors/administrators follow the steps below:

  1. Start typing the name of the user for whom you want to assign author/administrator role in search field (find learners by Name, Profile etc). 
  2. Select name from the see-as-you-type drop down list.
  3. Click Actions at the upper-right corner of the page and choose Assign Role-> Make Author or Make Admin.

To remove author or administrator roles to users, select one or multiple users from the authors/administrators list and click Actions->Remove Role->Remove Author or Remove Admin.

Assign manager role to users

You can assign single or multiple existing users at a time as Managers using CSV upload. As a pre-requisite, a user needs to have at least one employee reporting to him/her, to be considered as a Manager. In CSV file, add the id of the manager to the parent column of the user as shown in the below sample snapshot.

Refer to the FAQ for more information on the CSV upload process. 

You can also change the roles of users as Managers using the Edit users workflow as mentioned in the above Internal users section. 

Sample CVS file
Sample CVS file

Add user groups

User group is a set of users pertaining to some defined category. User groups help administrators to locate any learner in the organization quickly, while assigning learning content to the users. Also, these user groups enable administrators to assign customized logos and catalogs to learners.

Captivate Prime consists of default and custom user groups.

Auto-generated user groups

By default, Captivate Prime creates some user groups based on common properties. For example: all learners,  all administrators, and all authors.

Click Auto-generated on the left pane, to view the list of all the auto-generated user groups provided by Captivate Prime application. 

Auto-generated user groups updated automatically. New auto-generated groups are added to the Captivate Prime whenever a corresponding action occurs. For example, creation of self registration profile, creation of external enrollment profile, and csv upload.

You cannot edit name and description for auto-generated groups.

Custom user groups

In addition to the default user groups, you can create your own user groups.

  1. Click Users on the left pane after you log in as an Administrator.
  2. In Custom User Groups page, click Add at the upper-right corner.
Customise user groups
Customise user groups

  1. Enter the name, and description for the group. 
  2. Enter user name or profile in search-as-you-type field and select from the drop-down list, to add users.
  3. Click Add More Users to add more learners.
  4. Click Save.

Send welcome e-mail

Administrators can re-send welcome e-mails to learners in case they have not received from their account administrators. Learners can log in to Captivate Prime account easily by bookmarking the secure link and the login links from the welcome e-mail.

To send welcome e-mail to learners,

  1. Click Users on the left pane
  2. Choose any learner from the list by clicking the check box adjacent to learner name.
  3. Click Actions drop-down at the upper-right corner of the page
  4. Click Send Welcome Email

You get a confirmation pop-up message as E-mail is sent to the learner successfully


Data Sources

You can use this feature when you want to import/sync the users or learning data from you organization's database in to the Captivate Prime application. You can also set up the frequency of this sync. 

Click Data Sources on the left pane under Advanced section. 

Date source
Date source

Choose the data source type from the Source drop-down, select the update frequency and click Sync now if you need to sync immediately or click Save. Data source types are SFDC, FTP and so on for internal users. 

You can add multiple data sources. 

Active Fields

This feature enables administrators to add more active fields in addition to what has been provided during user registration. 

Click Active Fields available inside users page. Learners can only choose from the values given in custom values.

Active Fields
Active Fields

Add any field of your choice as part of your user information and click Save. After adding the fields, you can also cross-check about these active fields availability in the Edit users dialog. 

After adding the fields, you can notice that the fields marked with tick mark are sourced from data source or CSV as mentioned in the below snapshot. Administrator can edit these sourced fields by enabling or disabling the fields. 

Edit the sourced fields
Edit the sourced fields

Values for active fields in Captivate Prime

The values for active fields are fetched in the following ways: 

  1. Captivate Prime application imports metadata from data sources associated with your account. 
  2. Metadata captured from the manually imported CSV file. 
  3. Learners fill up metadata when they log in
  4. Administrator enters data for the users. 

Captivate Prime application creates user groups automatically, from these metadata. 

Add custom value

You can add custom value for user fields in the Internal and External user fields.

To add  custom values, follow these steps:

  1. Click Modify value for Internal or External user. The Values in custom field dialog box appears.

  2. Select the value to add from the Selected field drop-down menu.

  3. Enter new values in the New value box.

  4. Click Done. The dialog box closes.

  5. Click Save on the top right corner to Save changes.


Custom fields can be added and deleted, they are applicable to all users. CSV fields can be enabled or disabled, they come into effect only when you upload CSV after making the modifications in Active fields. All internal active fields are applicable to all types of Internal users. External fields are applicable only to external users. If a custom field is present in CSV, on next upload it gets converted to a CSV field automatically and it is enabled. 

Values for CSV fields

Users can only choose from predefined fields for CSV fields if the Restrict Selection checkbox is enabled.

Restrict selection checkbox
Restrict selection checkbox

Import Logs

In this space, you can view the CSV import history for the users the administrator has added using bulk import feature. You can also click Add at the upper-right corner of the page to add users using CSV upload feature. 

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