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Read this article to know how to use the Fluidic Player for courses.

Fluidic player is a platform for learners to consume content with uninterrupted and blended learning experience. All the supported formats are played consistently in this player. Authors and Administrators can preview the content using the player.

Player features

A. Close the course B. Full Screen C. Volume control D. Settings E. Next course or slide F. Play forward by 10 seconds G. Play course H. Play backward by 10 seconds I. Previous course or slide J. Notes K. TOC 

TOC – While taking up a course, the player displays a table of contents for that course on the left pane of the window. You can click each topic and navigate to it directly. 

Bookmarks – If any of the course modules has a module TOC, then topics in module TOC can be bookmarked to refer later. When bookmarked, a star icon appears next to the TOC entry. Bookmarks can be deleted by clicking the star again.

Notes – A provision is available to record notes while you are taking up the course. After recording the notes, you can save and download it as PDF or e-mail the notes to e-mail ids of any registered learners. When you click Save, you get an option to choose the location for saving it as PDF file.

Closed captions – For Adobe Captivate developed courses, if the closed captions is enabled during course development, then the learner can view the captions. Click CC at the bottom of the player.

Revisit course – You can revisit a course in two modes under two possible scenarios:

  • Click Revisit while the course is in complete state.
  • Click Continue while the course is in incomplete state.

Full screen Click the Full screen icon at the lower-right corner of the player to view the course in full screen window.

Navigation buttons Use the Up or Down arrows to move across slides in pdf, docx, and pptx content. Slide arrows can be used to move to next topics for all types of content.

Skip Forward/Backward While playing a course, you can use the  icon to skip back by ten seconds and the  icon to skip forward by ten seconds.

Modify playback speed Click the icon to open the settings dialog box. You can see a pop-up that displays "Speed". Click Speed to view the five available speed settings: 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. 1x is the default, normal playback speed.

Modify the playback speed in Fluidic Player
Modify the playback speed in the Fluidic Player

Modify Volume settings: Use the Volume control button to modify the volume when you take a course. Drag the volume control up or down to change the volume settings.

Use the Volume control button to modify the playback volume
Use the Volume control button to modify the playback volume

Close the course Click close (x) icon at the upper-right corner of the player to exit the course.

After exiting from the course, you can revisit the course by clicking the Revisit /Continue button on the course description page.

The fluidic player can also be embedded in an external website or application using the Captivate Prime API. For more information, see Embeddable Fluidic player.

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