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Use the member functions

  1. ColdFusion User Guide
  2. Introduction to ColdFusion
    1. About Adobe ColdFusion
    2. Download Adobe ColdFusion
    3. What's new in ColdFusion (2023 release)
    4. ColdFusion (2023 release) Release Notes
    5. Deprecated Features
    6. REST enhancements in ColdFusion
    7. Central Configuration Server
    8. Server Auto-Lockdown
    9. Asynchronous programming
    10. Docker images for ColdFusion
    11. SAML in ColdFusion
    12. JSON Web Tokens in ColdFusion
    13. Use SAML and LDAP in Admin
  3. Cloud Services in ColdFusion
    1. ColdFusion and GCP Storage
    2. ColdFusion and GCP Firestore
    3. ColdFusion and GCP PubSub
    4. ColdFusion and Amazon S3
    5. ColdFusion and DynamoDB
    6. ColdFusion and Amazon SQS
    7. ColdFusion and Amazon SNS
    8. ColdFusion and MongoDB
    9. ColdFusion and Azure Blob
    10. ColdFusion and Azure Service Bus
    11. Multi-cloud storage services
    12. Multi-cloud RDS databases
    13. ColdFusion and Azure Cosmos DB
  4. Install ColdFusion
    1. Install the server configuration
    2. Install ColdFusion- Zip Installer
    3. Install ColdFusion- GUI Installer
    4. CFSetup configuration tool
    5. ColdFusion Licensing and Activation
    6. ColdFusion server profiles
    7. Prepare to install ColdFusion
    8. Install the JEE configuration
    9. Install ColdFusion Express
    10. Install integrated technologies
    11. Configure your system
    12. Troubleshoot installation issues
    13. Install ColdFusion silently
    14. Install Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release) hotfix
    15. ColdFusion (2018 release) - Install JEE configuration
  5. Use ColdFusion
    1. GraphQL in ColdFusion
    2. Command Line Interface (CLI)
    3. External session storage
    4. Generate Swagger documents
    5. Language enhancements
    6. NTLM support
    7. Enhanced PDF in ColdFusion
    8. Security enhancements in ColdFusion (2016 release)
  6. Performance Monitoring Toolset
    1. Overview of ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    2. Auto-discovery of ColdFusion nodes and clusters
    3. Code profiler in ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    4. Configure ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset settings
    5. Install ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    6. View cloud metrics
    7. Monitor GraphQL in Performance Monitoring Toolset
    8. Configure TLS/SSL and Authentication for Elasticsearch 8.x  in Performance Monitoring Toolset
    9. View cluster and node metrics
    10. View data source metrics
    11. View external services
    12. View incoming services
    13. View list of sites and busy connections
    14. View topology of sites
    15. Datastore Health Monitoring
    16. Performance Monitoring Toolset Update 1
    17. Secure Performance Monitoring Toolset with HTTPS/SSL
    18. Performance Monitoring Toolset deployment guide
  7. Adobe ColdFusion Builder extension for Visual Studio Code
    1. Getting started with Adobe ColdFusion Builder extension for Visual Studio Code
    2. Add a ColdFusion server
    3. Project Manager
    4. Work with ColdFusion code
    5. Profile preferences
    6. Debug applications
    7. Refactoring
    8. Services Browser
    9. RDS support
    10. PMT Code Profiler integration
    11. Security Analyzer report integration
    12. Known issues in this release
  8. Use ColdFusion Builder
    1. About ColdFusion Builder
    2. System requirements | ColdFusion Builder
    3. Install ColdFusion Builder
    4. Edit code in ColdFusion Builder
    5. Manage servers in ColdFusion Builder
    6. Manage projects in ColdFusion Builder
    7. What's new in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)
    8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)
    9. Debug applications in ColdFusion Builder
    10. ColdFusion Builder workbench
    11. ColdFusion Builder extensions
    12. Debugging Perspective in ColdFusion Builder
    13. Build mobile applications using ColdFusion Builder
    14. Bundled ColdFusion Server
    15. Debug mobile applications in ColdFusion Builder
    16. Use extensions in ColdFusion Builder
  9. Coldfusion API Manager
    1. Overview of Adobe ColdFusion API Manager
    2. Features in ColdFusion API Manager
    3. Get started with ColdFusion API Manager
    4. Install ColdFusion API Manager
    5. Authentication types
    6. Create and publish APIs
    7. Administrator
    8. Subscriber
    9. Throttling and rate limiting
    10. Notifications
    11. Connectors
    12. Set up cluster support
    13. Integrate ColdFusion and API Manager
    14. Metrics and Logging in API Manager
    15. Generate Swagger documents
    16. Configure SSL
    17. Known issues in this release
    18. Policies in ColdFusion API Manager
    19. Create a Redis cluster
    20. Multitenancy in API Manager
    21. Docker images for ColdFusion API Manager
  10. Configure and administer ColdFusion
    1. Administer ColdFusion
    2. Use the ColdFusion administrator
    3. Data Source Management for ColdFusion
    4. Connect to web servers
    5. Deploy ColdFusion applications
    6. Administer ColdFusion security
    7. Basic Troubleshooting and FAQs
    8. Work with Server Manager
    9. Use multiple server instances
    10. WebSocket Enhancements (ColdFusion 11)
    11. Security Enhancements (ColdFusion 11)
    12. Work with Server Monitor
    13. ColdFusion Administrator API Reference
  11. CFML Reference
    1. Introduction to CFML Reference
      1. New functions in ColdFusion (2018 release)
      2. New and changed functions/tags in Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release)
      3. Script supported tags and functions
      4. New and changed tags/functions in ColdFusion 11
    2. Reserved words and variables
      1. Reserved words and variables
      2. Reserved words
      3. Scope-specific built-in variables
      4. Custom tag variables
      5. ColdFusion tag-specific variables
      6. CGI environment (CGI Scope) variables
    3. ColdFusion tags
      1. ColdFusion tags
      2. Tags in ColdFusion 10
      3. Tag summary
      4. Tags by function
      5. Tag changes since ColdFusion 5
      6. Tags a-b
      7. Tags c
      8. Tags d-e
      9. Tags f
      10. Tags g-h
      11. Tags i
      12. Tags j-l
      13. Tags m-o
      14. Tags p-q
      15. Tags r-s
      16. Tags t
      17. Tags u-z
    4. ColdFusion functions
      1. ColdFusion functions
      2. New functions in ColdFusion 10
      3. ColdFusion functions by category
      4. Function changes since ColdFusion 5
      5. Functions a-b
      6. Functions c-d
      7. Functions e-g
      8. Functions h-im
      9. Functions in-k
      10. Functions l
      11. Functions m-r
      12. Functions s
      13. Functions t-z
      14. BooleanFormat
    5. Ajax JavaScript functions
      1. Ajax JavaScript functions
      2. Function summary Ajax
      3. ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm
      4. ColdFusion.Autosuggest.getAutosuggestObject
      5. ColdFusion.Layout.enableSourceBind
      6. ColdFusion.MessageBox.getMessageBoxObject
      7. ColdFusion.ProgressBar.getProgressBarObject
      8. ColdFusion.MessageBox.isMessageBoxDefined
      9. JavaScriptFunctionsinColdFusion9Update1
    6. ColdFusion ActionScript functions
      1. ColdFusion ActionScript functions
      2. CF.http
      3. CF.query
    7. ColdFusion mobile functions
      1. ColdFusion Mobile Functions
      2. Accelerometer Functions
      3. Camera Functions
      4. Connection Functions
      5. Contact Functions
      6. Event Functions
      7. File System Functions
      8. Geolocation Functions
      9. Media and Capture Functions
      10. Notification Functions
      11. Splash Screen Functions
      12. Storage Functions
    8. Application.cfc reference
      1. Application.CFC reference
      2. Application variables
      3. Method summary
      4. onAbort
      5. onApplicationEnd
      6. onApplicationStart
      7. onMissingTemplate
      8. onCFCRequest
      9. onError
      10. onRequestEnd
      11. onRequest
      12. onRequestStart
      13. onServerStart
      14. onSessionEnd
      15. onSessionStart
    9. Script functions implemented as CFCs
      1. Script Functions Implemented as CFCs
      2. Accessing the functions
      3. Function summary
      4. ftp
      5. http
      6. mail
      7. pdf
      8. query
      9. Script functions implemented as CFCs in ColdFusion 9 Update 1
      10. storedproc
    10. ColdFusion Flash Form style reference
      1. Styles valid for all controls
      2. Styles for cfform
      3. Styles for cfformgroup with horizontal or vertical type attributes
      4. Styles for box-style cfformgroup elements
      5. Styles for cfformgroup with accordion type attribute
      6. Styles for cfformgroup with tabnavigator type attribute
      7. Styles for cfformitem with hrule or vrule type attributes
      8. Styles for cfinput with radio, checkbox, button, image, or submit type attributes
      9. Styles for cftextarea tag and cfinput with text, password, or hidden type attributes
      10. Styles for cfselect with size attribute value of 1
      11. Styles for cfselect with size attribute value greater than 1
      12. Styles for cfcalendar tag and cfinput with dateField type attribute
      13. Styles for the cfgrid tag
      14. Styles for the cftree tag
      15. ColdFusion Flash Form Style Reference
    11. ColdFusion event gateway reference
      1. ColdFusion Event Gateway reference
      2. addEvent
      3. CFEvent
      4. CFEventclass
      5. Constructor
      6. Gateway development interfaces and classes
      7. getStatus
      8. setCFCPath
      9. setCFCMethod
      10. getOriginatorID
      11. getLogger
      12. getBuddyList
      13. getBuddyInfo
      14. IM gateway message sending commands
      15. IM Gateway GatewayHelper class methods
      16. onIncomingMessage
      17. onIMServerMessage
      18. onBuddyStatus
      19. onAddBuddyResponse
      20. onAddBuddyRequest
      21. IM Gateway CFC incoming message methods
      22. IM gateway methods and commands
      23. CFML CFEvent structure
      24. warn
      25. info
      26. setOriginatorID
      27. data command
      28. submit Multi command
      29. submit command
      30. setGatewayType
      31. setGatewayID
      32. setData
      33. setCFCListeners
      34. outgoingMessage
      35. getStatusTimeStamp
      36. numberOfMessagesReceived
      37. numberOfMessagesSent
      38. removeBuddy
      39. removeDeny
      40. removePermit
      41. setNickName
      42. setPermitMode
      43. setStatus
      44. SMS Gateway CFEvent structure and commands
      45. SMS Gateway incoming message CFEvent structure
      46. getStatusAsString
      47. getProtocolName
      48. getPermitMode
      49. getPermitList
      50. getNickName
      51. getName
      52. getDenyList
      53. getCustomAwayMessage
      54. getQueueSize
      55. getMaxQueueSize
      56. getHelper
      57. getGatewayType
      58. getGatewayServices
      59. getGatewayID_1
      60. getGatewayID
      61. getData
      62. getCFCTimeout
      63. setCFCTimeout
      64. getCFCPath
      65. getCFCMethod
      66. GatewayServices class
      67. Gateway interface
      68. GatewayHelper interface
      69. addPermit
      70. addDeny
      71. addBuddy
      72. error
      73. debug
      74. Logger class
      75. stop
      76. start
      77. CFML event gateway SendGatewayMessage data parameter
      78. restart
      79. fatal
      80. SMS gateway message sending commands
    12. ColdFusion C++ CFX Reference
      1. C++ class overview
      2. Deprecated class methods
      3. CCFXException class
      4. CCFXQuery class
      5. CCFXRequest class
      6. CCFXStringSet class
      7. ColdFusion C++ CFX Reference
    13. ColdFusion Java CFX reference
      1. ColdFusion Java CFX reference
      2. Class libraries overview
      3. Custom tag interface
      4. Query interface
      5. Request interface
      6. Response interface
      7. Debugging classes reference
    14. WDDX JavaScript Objects
      1. WDDX JavaScript objects
      2. JavaScript object overview
      3. WddxRecordset object
      4. WddxSerializer object
  12. Develop ColdFusion applications
    1. Introducing ColdFusion
      1. Introducing ColdFusion
      2. About ColdFusion
      3. About Internet applications and web application servers
      4. About JEE and the ColdFusion architecture
    2. Changes in ColdFusion
      1. Changes in ColdFusion
      2. Replacement of JRun with Tomcat
      3. Security enhancements
      4. ColdFusion WebSocket
      5. Enhanced Java integration
      6. ColdFusion ORM search for indexing and search
      7. Solr enhancements
      8. Scheduler enhancements
      9. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
      10. RESTful Web Services in ColdFusion
      11. Lazy loading across client and server in ColdFusion
      12. Web service enhancements
      13. Displaying geolocation
      14. Client-side charting
      15. Caching enhancements
      16. Server update using ColdFusion Administrator
      17. Secure Profile for ColdFusion Administrator
    3. Introduction to application development
      1. Introduction to application development using ColdFusion
      2. Using the Developing ColdFusion Applications guide
      3. About Adobe ColdFusion documentation for Developers
    4. The CFML programming language
      1. The CFML programming language
      2. Elements of CFML
      3. ColdFusion variables
      4. Expressions and number signs
      5. Arrays and structures
      6. Extend ColdFusion pages with CFML scripting
      7. Regular expressions in functions
      8. ColdFusion language enhancements
      9. Built-in functions as first class citizen
      10. Data types- Developing guide
    5. Building blocks of ColdFusion applications
      1. Building blocks of ColdFusion applications
      2. Create ColdFusion elements
      3. Write and call user-defined functions
      4. Build and use ColdFusion Components
      5. Create and use custom CFML tags
      6. Build custom CFXAPI tags
      7. Use the member functions
      8. Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion
    6. Develop CFML applications
      1. Develop CFML applications
      2. Design and optimize a ColdFusion application
      3. Handle errors
      4. Use persistent data and locking
      5. Use ColdFusion threads
      6. Secure applications
      7. Client-side CFML (for mobile development)
      8. Use the ColdFusion debugger
      9. Debugging and Troubleshooting Applications
      10. Develop globalized applications
      11. REST enhancements in ColdFusion
      12. Authentication through OAuth
      13. Social enhancements
    7. Develop mobile applications
      1. Mobile application development
      2. Build mobile applications
      3. Debug mobile applications
      4. Inspect mobile applications
      5. Package mobile applications
      6. Troubleshoot mobile applications
      7. Device detection
      8. Client-side CFML
      9. Mobile Templates
      10. Code samples to build a mobile application
    8. Access and use data
      1. Access and use data
      2. Introduction to Databases and SQL
      3. Access and retrieve data
      4. Update database
      5. Use Query of Queries
      6. Manage LDAP directories
      7. Solr search support
    9. ColdFusion ORM
      1. ColdFusion ORM
      2. Introducing ColdFusion ORM
      3. ORM architecture
      4. Configure ORM
      5. Define ORM mapping
      6. Work with objects
      7. ORM session management
      8. Transaction and concurrency
      9. Use HQL queries
      10. Autogenerate database schema
      11. Support for multiple data sources for ORM
      12. ColdFusion ORM search
    10. ColdFusion and HTML5
      1. ColdFusion and HTML 5
      2. Use ColdFusion Web Sockets
      3. Media Player enhancements
      4. Client-side charting
      5. Display geolocation data
    11. Flex and AIR integration in ColdFusion
      1. Flex and AIR integration in ColdFusion
      2. Use the Flash Remoting Service
      3. Use Flash Remoting Update
      4. Offline AIR application support
      5. Proxy ActionScript classes for ColdFusion services
      6. Use LiveCycle Data Services ES assembler
      7. Use server-side ActionScript
    12. Request and present information
      1. Request and present information
      2. Retrieve and format data
      3. Build dynamic forms with cfform tags
      4. Validate data
      5. Create forms in Flash
      6. Create skinnable XML forms
      7. Use Ajax data and development features
      8. Use Ajax User Interface components and features
    13. Office file interoperability
      1. Office file interoperability
      2. Using cfdocument
      3. Using cfpresentation
      4. Using cfspreadsheet
      5. Supported Office conversion formats
      6. SharePoint integration
    14. ColdFusion portlets
      1. ColdFusion portlets
      2. Run a ColdFusion portlet on a JBoss portal server
      3. Run a ColdFusion portlet on a WebSphere portal server
      4. Common methods used in portlet.cfc
      5. ColdFusion portlet components
      6. Support for JSR-286
    15. Work with documents, charts, and reports
      1. Work with documents, charts, and reports
      2. Manipulate PDF forms in ColdFusion
      3. Assemble PDF documents
      4. Create and manipulate ColdFusion images
      5. Create charts and graphs
      6. Create reports and documents for printing
      7. Create reports with Report Builder
      8. Create slide presentations
    16. Use web elements and external objects
      1. Use web elements and external objects
      2. Use XML and WDDX
      3. Use web services
      4. Use ColdFusion web services
      5. Integrate JEE and Java elements in CFML applications
      6. Use Microsoft .NET assemblies
      7. Integrate COM and CORBA objects in CFML applications
    17. Use external resources
      1. Send and receive e-mail
      2. Interact with Microsoft Exchange servers
      3. Interact with remote servers
      4. Manage files on the server
      5. Use event gateways
      6. Create custom event gateways
      7. Use the ColdFusion extensions for Eclipse
      8. Use the data services messaging event gateway
      9. Use the data management event gateway
      10. Use the FMS event gateway
      11. Use the instant messaging event gateways
      12. Use the SMS event gateway


A lot of enhancements have been made to the core CFML syntax that will aid in developing ColdFusion-based applications elegantly. One of the primary enhancements is the introduction of member functions for data structure and data objects. You can now start coding in a true object oriented style. 

For instance, consider the following headless function:

ArrayAppend (empArr, emp)

It can now be written as:


where 'arrayObj' is a reference to the CFArray class.

The following example depicts the new usage of member functions:

//The old way
var myArray = ArrayNew(1);
ArrayAppend(myArray, "objec_new");
ArraySort(myArray, "ASC");

// The new way

// The new way
var myProductObject = createObject("java", "myJavaclass");
myjavaList = myProductObject.getProductList();
myjavaList.add("newProduct"); // Java API

myjavaList.append("newProduct"); // CF API

Member function for the following data types are supported:

  • Array
  • String
  • List
  • Struct
  • Date
  • Spreadsheet
  • XML
  • Query
  • Image                                                             

In the 2016 release of ColdFusion, there is a change in the return type for append member functions. For example,

  • anystruct.append() returns appended structure
  • anyarray.append() returns appended array

Supported Array member functions

The following Array member functions are supported:

ArrayAppend someVar.append()
ArrayAvg someVar.avg()
ArrayClear someVar.clear()
ArrayContains someVar.contains()
ArrayDelete someVar.delete()
ArrayDeleteAt someVar.deleteAt()
ArrayDeleteNoCase someVar.deleteNoCase()
ArrayEach someVar.each()
ArrayEvery someVar.every()
ArrayFilter someVar.filter()
ArrayFind someVar.find()
ArrayFindAll someVar.findAll()
ArrayFindAllNoCase someVar.findAllNoCase()
ArrayFindNoCase someVar.findNoCase()
ArrayFirst someVar.first()
ArrayGetMetaData someVar.getMetaData()
ArrayInsertAt someVar.insertAt()
ArrayIsDefined someVar.isDefined()
ArrayIsEmpty someVar.isEmpty()
ArrayLast someVar.last()
ArrayLen someVar.len()
ArrayMax someVar.max()
ArrayMin someVar.min()
ArrayPrepend someVar.prepend()
ArrayReduceRight someVar.reduceRight()
ArrayResize someVar.resize()
ArraySet someVar.set()
ArraySlice someVar.slice()
ArraySort someVar.sort()
ArraySplice someVar.splice()
ArraySome someVar.some()
ArraySum someVar.sum()
ArraySwap someVar.swap()
ArrayToList someVar.toList()
ArrayReduce someVar.reduce()

Supported String member functions

The following String member functions are supported:

Function Member function
decodeForHTML someVar.decodeForHTML()
decodeFromURL someVar.decodeFromURL()
EncodeForCSS someVar.encodeforCSS()
EncodeForHTML someVar.encodeforHTML()
EncodeForHTMLAttribute someVar.encodeforHTMLAttribute()
EncodeForJavaScript someVar.encodeforJavaScript()
EncodeForURL someVar.encodeforURL()
EncodeForXML someVar.encodeforXML()
EncodeForXMLAttribute someVar.encodeforXMLAttribute()
EncodeForXPath someVar.encodeforXPath()
Encrypt someVar.encrypt()
getSafeHTML someVar.getSafeHTML()
isSafeHTML someVar.isSafeHTML()
paragraphFormat someVar.paragraphFormat()
ReplaceListNoCase someVar.replaceListNocase()
urlDecode someVar.urlDecode()
urlEncodedFormat someVar.urlEncodedFormat()
BinaryDecode someVar.binaryDecode()
BinaryEncode someVar.binaryEnecode()
Canonicalize someVar.canonicalize()
CharsetDecode someVar.charsetDecode()
CharsetEncode someVar.charsetEncode()
CJustify someVar.cJustify()
CompareNoCase someVar.compareNocase()
Decrypt someVar.decrypt()
Encrypt someVar.encrypt()
Find someVar.find()
FindNoCase someVar.findNoCase()
FindOneOf someVar.findOneOf()
FormatBaseN someVar.formatBaseN()
GenerateSecretKey someVar.generateSecretKey()
GetToken someVar.getToken()
Hash someVar.hash()
HTMLCodeFormat someVar.htmlCodeFormat()
HTMLEditFormat someVar.htmlEditFormat()
Insert someVar.insert()
JSStringFormat someVar.jssStringFormat()
LCase someVar.lCase()
Left someVar.left()
Len someVar.len()
LJustify someVar.lJustify()
LSIsCurrency someVar.lsIsCurrency()
LSIsDate someVar.lsIsDate()
LSIsNumeric someVar.lsIsNumeric()
LSParseCurrency someVar.lsParseCurrency()
LSParseDateTime someVar.lsParseDateTime()
LSParseEuroCurrency someVar.lsParseEuroCurrency()
LSParseNumber someVar.lsParseNumber()
Mid someVar.mid()
ParagraphFormat someVar.paragraphFormat()
ParseDateTime someVar.parseDateTime()
REFind someVar.reFind()
REFindNoCase someVar.reFindNoCase()
REMatch someVar.reMatch()
REMatchNoCase someVar.reMatchNoCase()
RemoveChars someVar.removeChars()
RepeatString someVar.repeatString()
Replace someVar.replace()
ReplaceList someVar.replaceList()
ReplaceList someVar.replaceList()
ReplaceNoCase someVar.replaceNocase()
REReplace someVar.reReplace()
REReplaceNoCase someVar.reReplaceNoCase()
Reverse someVar.reverse()
Right someVar.right()
RJustify someVar.rJustify()
RTrim someVar.trim()
SpanExcluding someVar.spanExcluding()
SpanIncluding someVar.spanIncluding()
StripCR someVar.stripCR()
StringSort someVar.sort()
StringSome someVar.some()
StringReduce somevar.reduce()
StringReduceRight someVar.reduceRight()
StringEach someVar.each()
StringFilter somevar.filter()
StringEvery someVar.every()
ToBase64 someVar.toBase64()
ToBinary someVar.toBinary()
ToString someVar.toString()
Trim someVar.trim()
UCase someVar.uCase()
URLDecode someVar.urlDecode()
URLEncodedFormat someVar.urlEncodedFormat()
Val someVar.val()
Wrap someVar.wrap()
XmlFormat someVar.xmlFormat()

Supported List member functions

The following List member functions are supported:

ListAppend someVar.listAppend()
ListChangeDelims someVar.listChangeDelims()
ListContains someVar.listContains()
ListContainsNoCase someVar.listContainsNoCase()
ListDeleteAt someVar.listDeleteAt()
ListEach someVar.listEach()
ListFind someVar.listFind()
ListFindNoCase someVar.listFindNoCase()
ListFirst someVar.listFirst()
ListGetAt someVar.listGetAt()
ListInsertAt someVar.listInsertAt()
ListLast someVar.listLast()
ListLen someVar.listLen()
ListMap someVar.listMap()
ListPrepend someVar.listPrepend()
ListQualify someVar.listQualify()
ListReduce someVar.listReduce()
ListReduceRight someVar.listReduceRight()
ListRemoveDuplicates someVar.listRemoveDuplicates()
ListRest someVar.listRest()
ListSetAt someVar.listSetAt()
ListSort someVar.listSort()
ListToArray someVar.listToArray()
ListValueCount someVar.listValueCount()
ListValueCountNoCase someVar.listValueCountNoCase()
ToJSON someVar.toJSON()

Supported Struct member functions

The following Struct member functions are supported:

StructIsEmpty someVar.isEmpty()
StructAppend someVar.append()
StructClear someVar.clear()
StructCopy someVar.copy()
StructCount someVar.count()
StructDelete someVar.delete()
StructEvery someVar.every()
StructFind someVar.find()
StructFindValue someVar.findValue()
StructGet someVar.get()
StructGetMetadata someVar.getMetadata()
StructUpdate someVar.update()
StructSort someVar.sort()
StructSetMetadata someVar.setMetadata()
StructInsert someVar.insert()
StructIsCaseSensitive someVar.isCaseSensitive()
# StructIsOrdered someVar.isOrdered()
StructEach someVar.each()
StructKeyArray someVar.keyArray()
StructKeyExists someVar.keyExists()
StructKeyList someVar.keyList()
StructReduce someVar.reduce()
StructFindKey someVar.findkey()
StructFilter someVar.filter()
StructSome someVar.some()
StructToSorted someVar.tosorted()

# New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

Supported Date member functions

The following Date member functions are supported:

CreateODBCDate someVar.createODBCDate()
CreateODBCDateTime someVar.createODBCDateTime()
DateDiff someVar.diff()
CreateODBCTime someVar.createODBCTime()
* LSDateFormat someVar.lsDateFormat()
DatePart someVar.datepart()
DaysInYear someVar.daysIn
Second someVar.second()
Minute someVar.minute()
Hour someVar.hour()
Week someVar.week()
Month someVar.month()
* setSecond <DateObject>.setSecond(second)
* setMinute <DateObject>.setMinute(minute)
* setHour <DateObject>.setHour(hour)
* setDay <DateObject>.setDay(day)
* setMonth <DateObject>.setMonth(month)
* setYear <DateObject>.setYear(year)
Quarter someVar.quarter()
Year someVar.year()
DaysInMonth someVar.daysInMonth()
DayOfWeek someVar.dayOfweek()
DayOfYear someVar.dayOfYear()
FirstDayOfMonth someVar.firstDayOfMonth()
DateTimeFormat someVar.dateTimeFormat()
TimeFormat someVar.timeFormat()
DateFormat someVar.dateFormat()
DateAdd someVar.add()
DateConvert someVar.convert()
LSTimeFormat someVar.lsTimeFormat()
# Format


# New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

* New in Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release)

Supported Image member functions

The following Image member functions are supported:

ImageGetWidth someVar.getWidth()
ImageSetDrawingColor someVar.setDrawingColor()
ImageGetBufferedImage someVar.getBufferedImage()
ImageTranslateDrawingAxis someVar.translateDrawingAxis()
ImageSetDrawingStroke someVar.setDrawingStroke()
ImageNegative someVar.negative()
ImageCopy someVar.copy()
ImageDrawRect someVar.drawRect()
ImageCrop someVar.crop()
ImageGetHeight someVar.getHeight()
ImageGetIPTCTag someVar.getIPTCTag()
ImageDrawOval someVar.drawOval()
ImageSharpen someVar.sharpen()
ImageOverlay someVar.overlay()
ImageGetEXIFTag someVar.getEXIFTag()
ImageDrawBeveledRect someVar.drawBeveledRect()
ImageAddBorder someVar.addBorder()
ImageShear someVar.shear()
ImagePaste someVar.paste()
ImageDrawArc someVar.drawArc()
ImageShearDrawingAxis someVar.shearDrawingAxis()
ImageDrawRoundRect someVar.drawRoundRect()  
ImageGrayscale someVar.grayscale()
ImageSetDrawingTransparency someVar.setDrawingTransparency()
ImageScaleToFit someVar.scaleToFit()
ImageClearRect someVar.clearRect()
ImageTranslate someVar.translate()
ImageFlip someVar.flip()
ImageWriteBase64 someVar.writeBase64()
ImageSetBackgroundColor someVar.setBackgroundColor()
ImageDrawLine someVar.drawLine()
ImageDrawQuadraticCurve someVar.drawQuadraticCurve()
ImageRotate someVar.rotate()
ImageGetBlob someVar.getBlob()
ImageWrite someVar.write()
ImageBlur someVar.blur()
ImageRotateDrawingAxis someVar.rotateDrawingAxis()
ImageSetAntialiasing someVar.setAntialiasing()
ImageDrawPoint someVar.drawPoint()
ImageDrawCubicCurve someVar.drawCubicCurve()
ImageXORDrawingMode someVar.xorDrawingMode()
ImageDrawText someVar.drawText()
ImageDrawLines someVar.drawLines()
ImageResize someVar.resize()
ImageGetExifMetadata someVar.getExifMetadata()
ImageGetIptcMetadata someVar.getIptcMetadata()

Supported Spreadsheet member functions

The following Spreadsheet member functions are supported:

SpreadsheetDeleteRow someVar.deleteRow()
SpreadsheetFormatColumn someVar.formatColumn()
SpreadsheetShiftRows someVar.shiftRows()
SpreadsheetCreateSheet someVar.createSheet()
SpreadsheetReadBinary someVar.readBinary()
SpreadsheetWrite someVar.write()
SpreadsheetAddRow someVar.addRow()
SpreadsheetShiftColumns someVar.shiftColumns()
SpreadsheetGetCellFormula someVar.getCellFormula()
SpreadsheetDeleteColumns someVar.deleteColumns()
SpreadsheetAddFreezePane someVar.addFreezePane()
SpreadsheetDeleteColumn someVar.deleteColumn()
SpreadsheetSetCellComment someVar.setCellComment()
SpreadsheetSetActiveSheetNumber someVar.setActiveSheetNumber()
SpreadsheetSetHeader someVar.setHeader()
SpreadsheetAddSplitPane someVar.addSplitPane()
SpreadsheetMergeCells someVar.mergeCells()
SpreadsheetFormatRows someVar.formatRows()
SpreadsheetGetCellComment someVar.getCellComment()
SpreadsheetGetCellValue someVar.getCellValue()
SpreadsheetGetColumnCount someVar.getColumnCount()
SpreadsheetAddInfo someVar.addInfo()
SpreadsheetSetCellValue someVar.setCellValue()
SpreadsheetSetFooter someVar.setFooter()
SpreadsheetRemoveSheet someVar.removeSheet()
SpreadsheetSetRowHeight someVar.setRowHeight()
SpreadsheetSetActiveSheet someVar.setActiveSheet()
SpreadsheetFormatCellRange someVar.formatCellRange()
SpreadsheetFormatCell someVar.formatCell()
SpreadsheetAddRows someVar.addRows()
SpreadsheetFormatColumns someVar.formatColumns()
SpreadsheetAddImage someVar.addImage()
SpreadsheetSetCellFormula someVar.setCellFormula()
SpreadsheetAddColumn someVar.addColumn()
SpreadsheetDeleteRows someVar.deleteRows()
SpreadsheetSetColumnWidth someVar.setColumnWidth()
SpreadsheetFormatRow someVar.formatRow()
SpreadsheetAddAutoFilter someVar.addAutoFilter()
SpreadsheetAddPageBreaks someVar.addPageBreaks()

Supported XML member functions

The following XML member functions are supported:

# XmlAppend someVar.append()
XmlChildPos someVar.childPos()
# XmlCount someVar.count()
Duplicate someVar.duplicate()
XmlElemNew someVar.elemNew()
XmlGetNodeType someVar.getNodeType()
# XmlHasChild someVar.hasChild()
XmlLen someVar.len()
# XmlKeyArray someVar.keyArray()
# XmlKeyList someVar.keyList()
# ToString someVar.toString()
XmlTransform someVar.transform()
# XmlUpdate someVar.update()

# New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

Supported Query member functions

The following Query member functions are supported:

QueryAddColumn someVar.addColumn()
# QueryDeleteColumn someVar.deleteColumn()
# QueryDeleteRow someVar.deleteRow()
* QueryEach someVar.Each()
QueryGetRow someVar.getRow()
QueryConvertForGrid someVar.convertForGrid()
* QueryKeyExists someVar.keyExists()
* QueryFilter someVar.Filter()
* QueryMap someVar.Map()
* QueryReduce someVar.Reduce()
QuerySetCell someVar.setCell()
* QuerySort someVar.Sort()
QueryAddRow someVar.addRow()
* QueryGetResult someVar.getResult()
* ValueArray someVar.valueArray()
QueryRecordCount someVar.recordCount()
Len someVar.len()
QueryClear someVar.clear()
QueryAppend someVar.append()
QueryPrepend someVar.prepend()
QueryRowSwap someVar.rowswap()
QuerySlice someVar.slice()
QueryInsertAt someVar.insertAt()
QueryDeleteAt someVar.deleteAt()
QuerySome someVar.some()
QueryEvery someVar.every()

# New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

* New in Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release)

Supported Display and formatting member functions

The following Display and formatting member functions are supported:

* BooleanFormat


* YesNoFormat


* New in Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release)

Supported Numeric member functions












someVar.bitMaskClear(start, length)


someVar.bitMaskRead(start, length)


someVar.bitMaskSet(mask, start, length)




















































someVar.randRange(number2[, algorithm])

All numeric functions: New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

Supported Future member functions


FutureObject.then(UDFMethod method)


FutureObject.then((UDFMethod method, long timeout)


FutureObject.error(UDFMethod method)


FutureObject.then((UDFMethod method, long timeout)




FutureObject.get(long timeout)


FutureObject.get(long timeout, String timeUnit)







All Future member functions: New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

Supported Empty Future member functions


EmptyFutureObject.complete(Object val)









All empty Future member functions: New in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

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