Datastore Health Monitoring

In Update 1 of Performance Monitoring Toolset, the following parameters are added for monitoring:

  • Disk utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Heap utilization
  • CPU utilization

The metrics above are queried at an interval of 10 seconds. After every 60 seconds, these metrics are checked and if the specified health limit is exceeded, then an alert is raised.

To set these alerts, on the Settings page, click Alerts in the section Server.

Datastore health settings
Datastore health settings

If you make any change to the settings and restart Performance Monitoring Toolset, the new settings also get updated in the file in <PMT_HOME>/config. 

  • datastore.alertThreshold.disk=<new_value>
  • datastore.alertThreshold.memory=<new_value>
  • datastore.alertThreshold.heap=<new_value>
  • datastore.alertThreshold.cpu=<new_value>


  • Disk utilization: If disk utilization exceeds 85%, an alert is raised.
  • Memory utilization: If memory utilization exceeds 95%, an alert is raised.
  • Heap utilization: If heap utilization exceeds 90%, an alert is raised.
  • CPU utilization: If CPU utilization exceeds 90%, an alert is raised.

Based on your setup and system requirements, you can customize these thresholds accordingly.


When you install Performance Monitoring Toolset using the full installer, these monitoring settings are set in the configuration file.


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