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Want to update your apps, but can't see the Apps panel in the Creative Cloud desktop app? You can do so by accessing the Adobe Application Updater from your Creative Cloud apps Help menu.

What is the Adobe Application Updater?

Adobe Application Updater is a utility that helps you update Creative Cloud apps if your IT Admin has disabled the Apps panel in the Creative Cloud desktop app. This utility helps you to update your Creative Cloud apps directly without doing it from the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Update Creative Cloud apps using Adobe Application Updater

The Adobe Application Updater helps you in installing the updates for Creative Cloud apps.

  1. Open the Adobe Application Updater by selecting Help > Updates from your Creative Cloud app.

  2. Find the app you want to update and click Update.

    To update all apps at once, click Update All.

    The apps downloads and updates automatically.

How to fix common issues when using Adobe Application Updater

While installing an update you could see one of the following error messages:

Update failed

When you click the More Information link, you get the error message as well as other important information, such as the path of the filename affected or the registry value.

To resolve the issue, free up some space and try to update your app again.

Conflicting processes

It's necessary to close the conflicting app or process before you can continue with the update.


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