High CPU or power usage when Creative Cloud app is idle | Mac OS 10.11

Issue: Creative Cloud app using excessive resources

On Mac OS 10.11, earlier versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app may use excessive CPU or energy resources. If you see this behavior even when the Creative Cloud app is idle, reinstall the app.

Solution: Uninstall, then reinstall the latest Creative Cloud app

Before you install the latest version of the Creative Cloud app, it's important to fully uninstall the application. Follow these steps to perform a complete uninstall and reinstall of the application.

  1. Close all currently open Adobe products.

  2. In the Creative Cloud app, click the profile icon.

  3. Click Sign Out in the pop-up window.

  4. Open the Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities) and quit all Adobe processes. Be sure the following processes are closed:

    • Creative Cloud process
    • Adobe CEF Helper
    • Adobe Desktop Service
    • AdobeIPCBroker
    • Adobe Installer
    • AdobeUpdateService
    • AdobeServiceInstaller
    • CreativeCloud(URIHandler)
    • AAM Updates Notifier
    • CCLibrary
    • node
    • CoreSync
  5. Use the Creative Cloud Uninstaller to remove the application from your system. For directions and the uninstaller, see Uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app

  6. Restart your computer.

  7. Go to the Creative Cloud download page and sign in using your Adobe ID and password.

  8. Click Download.

  9. Answer the required questions and click Continue.

  10. Locate the downloaded file and install the Creative Cloud app. 


    For best performance, always use the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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