Quickly find solutions to common Acrobat installation or update errors.

For a specific error code or number, go to Fix errors installing Adobe apps and find the details of the error and common solutions to the error.

For a specific error message without an error code, see the table below.

Error Message Solution
Installation failed The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. See Creative Cloud desktop application "Installation Failed" error message
Installation gets stuck at a random percentage Installation gets stuck at a random percentage See How to fix suspended installation errors for Acrobat on Windows and 
App installation hangs
Unsupported OS error Unsupported OS See System Requirements for Adobe Acrobat | Pro DC, Standard DC
Conflicting application while installing Acrobat Please close the following applications to continue:
<Application Name>
See Close a conflicting application or process
Unable to reach or connect to Adobe servers Unable to reach Adobe servers. Please check your firewall settings, ensure that the time settings on your computer are correct, and try again. See Unable to reach Adobe servers
Error Disk full Installation done with errors due to low disk space
or Installation failed due to low disk space
See Low disk space errors
Insufficient disk space Insufficient disk space. Please check minimum requirements and free up disk space to try again See Exit codes 30 and 31 - low disk space errors | Creative Suite