Administer Document Cloud user-generated content and workflows

As an Adobe Admin Console administrator, you can add or remove users from your organization. You can also associate product entitlements (for example, Document Cloud) and users with groups.

In general, when you separate the association between users and their entitlement, any user-generated content or workflows that users have initiated also become disassociated. Examples of Document Cloud user-generated content and workflows include:

  • File storage
  • Share files
  • Fill and sign forms
  • Send for signature

Depending on the identity type, users may still have access to user-generated content and workflows, even after the entitlement has been removed. Adobe ID users can still sign into Document Cloud services and access their user-generated content and workflows in a "free" or "read-only" state. However, Enterprise ID or Federated ID users can no longer sign into Document Cloud services. For more information on Manage Identities.

It is also possible to reassociate users with their user-generated content and workflows. For example, if you remove a user from a group which contains Document Cloud entitlement, OR if you remove a group which contains a Document Cloud entitlement from a user, you can later reassociate the user with the entitlement. When you do that, users once again have access to their user-generated content and workflows.

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