This document details known issues that admins or end users might face when working with Adobe's shared device licenses.

Wherever applicable, a resolution / workaround is provided.


We are working to address these issues and any others that arise as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and hope to resolve these in a timely fashion.

Spark Enterprise / Federated ID Issue

When a user, who has a Federated / Enterprise ID of Spark for Education (Spark for K-12 (Primary & Secondary) or Spark for Higher Education), logs in to use a machine which has a shared device license installed on it, the following behavior occurs:

  • User cannot access the Adobe Fonts service. Intended behavior would be access to Free fonts.

  • User cannot access InDesign’s publishing service. Intended behavior would be unlimited publishing.

  • User cannot share unlimited number of prototypes in Adobe XD. Intended behavior would be unlimited sharing of prototypes. 

  • Lightroom does not launch. Recommend using Lightroom Classic which does launch. Intended behavior is that Lightroom launches.


  • Users entitled with Creative Cloud All Apps Named User have a full paid user experience on every machine, including shared device license machines, do not encounter this issue.

  • In Higher Education only, users who create their own free Adobe ID and use that to log into a shared device license machine, do not encounter this issue.

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