Adobe Creative Cloud enhancements for business plans (teams and enterprise accounts)

Adobe is making improvements to Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise to give your organization control over content stored in Creative Cloud. The changes will also give you more storage flexibility plus version history capabilities to power creative collaboration across your teams.

For users who have multiple plans associated with the same email address, we’re introducing profiles to the sign-in experience to help you better manage content across your individual and business plans.

Here are some of the key improvements:

An easier way for your company to transfer assets

We're making it easier for your organization to transfer a user’s files from Creative Cloud storage to another account when that user is removed from your Creative Cloud business plan — for example, when they’ve left the company. 

Better storage flexibility with pooled quota

Previously, Adobe storage was allocated per license with a storage limit. For example, when an organization purchased 50 Creative Cloud licenses, each license was allocated the entitled amount of storage. Users who reached their limit needed to delete some content or have their organization purchase more storage — even if other users weren’t using their full quotas. 

With this update, allocation is now based on the total storage amount purchased instead of per license. So, if an organization purchases 50 Creative Cloud licenses, each user still gets the entitled amount of storage — but now any user can exceed their entitled allocation as long as the organization hasn’t exceeded its total amount of allocated storage. 

Better control and sharing of Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries enable you to capture, organize, and share creative assets with your team. With the latest improvements, you can choose to save Libraries to your organization’s Creative Cloud storage to make them immediately accessible to all other users on the same business plan. This enables the team to efficiently maintain creative consistency and ensures that the assets stay within the company. Team libraries can also be shared with an unlimited number of collaborators both inside and outside the organization.

Extended version history

Now you can view or revert to earlier versions of cloud documents and Creative Cloud files for up to 180 days.

Manage content across profiles when you have multiple plans under same email address

We recommend that you use different email addresses for individual and business plans, or for multiple business plans. But if you’re using the same email address across multiple plans, we’ve introduced profiles to your sign-in experience to help you better manage your content across individual and business plans. You’ll be able to select which profile you want to use when you sign in to your Adobe account.

In order to deliver these new benefits, we’re upgrading the storage model for your organization’s business plan. The upgrade will require you to log out of your Creative Cloud apps. If you’re the administrator, the Admin Console may experience a downtime period after business hours. If you have any questions, please contact Adobe Customer Care.  

Also, please note that the features described above will be progressively released across countries and business plans, so the timing and exact functionality may vary.


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