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  • About administration and process terminology

    Learn about administration and process terms like process instance, process diagram and operation.

  • Configuring Business Calendars

    Business calendars define business and non-business days for your organization. Learn how to configure the business calendars.

  • Configuring Out of Office Settings

    The Out of Office feature enables you to specify when a user will be out of the office and unable to complete tasks assigned by AEM forms.

  • Configuring Server Settings

    The Server Settings page provides access to email, task notification and administrator notification settings.

  • Configuring Shared Queues

    Shared Queues allow you to configure and manage user queues effectively. Learn how to configure shared queues.

  • Managing Processes

    The Process List page shows the processes that a user has initiated or that were started automatically. Learn more about managing the processes.

  • Overview of Forms workflow

    Forms workflow lets users design, manage, and optimize human-centric processes. Using forms workflow, users can also manage automated business-process applications that connect systems and people.

  • Searching for process instances

    Use the Process Search page to enter search criteria for finding a process instance.

  • Working with tasks

    Use the Task Search page to search for tasks by user name or task ID. Learn more about working with tasks.

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