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Attachment loss for iOS users

In AEM Forms app that syncs with an AEM Forms instance on OSGi, only field level attachments are supported for adaptive forms. Perform the following steps to prevent users on iOS devices from experiencing data loss:

  1. In your server, navigate to: Adobe Experience Manager > Tools > Operations > Web Console.
  2. Find and click Adaptive Form Configuration Service.
  3. In the Adaptive Form Configuration Service dialog, enable Make File Names Unique
    Ensure that Make File Names Unique setting is enabled. If Make File Names Unique setting is disabled, users experience data loss if they try to submit adaptive forms with multiple attachments.

Mobile form drafts submitted by workspace users are not visible on the portal

For mobile forms enabled in AEM Forms app, with HTML Render Profile as Save as Draft Profile, saved drafts are not visible to workspace users. To let workspace users see the saved drafts of mobile forms submitted by them on the portal: 

  1. Open CRXDE and login with administrator credentials. 
    URL: http://<server>:<port>/lc/crx/de/index.jsp
  2. In the root path of the CRXDE, in the Access Control List under Access Control, click +.
  3. In the Add New Entry dialog, click the group search button in the Principal field.
  4. In the Name field of the Select Principal dialog, type PERM_WORKSPACE_USER and click Search
  5. Select PERM_WORKSPACE_USER group in the Select Principal dialog, click OK.
  6. In the Add New Entry dialog, PERM_WORKSPACE_USER group is selected in the Principal field. 
    Enable jcr:read privileges for the user group.
  7. Click OK.

Mobile forms that are not cached fail in AEM Forms app if the AEM Forms app is connected to an older AEM Forms server

Perform the following steps if the mobile form fails in AEM Forms app when it is connected to an older AEM Forms server:

  1. In author instance, navigate to Adobe Experience Manager > Tools > Configure Workspace App Offline Service > Configure Now

  2. In Workspace App Offline Service page, click Manual Resource Cache

    URL: https://<server>:<port>/libs/fd/workspace-offline/content/config.html

  3. In the Manual Resource Cache tab, click the + button to add a CRX path. 

  4. In the Add a New Resource field, type: /etc/clientlibs/fd/xfaforms/I18N/en_US.js and click Add.

  5. Click Save.

Form does not sync on windows if path of the form or any of its resources is more than 256 characters

In the AEM Forms App on Windows, a form does not sync if path of the form or any of its resources is 256 characters or more. To fix this modify the path of the form and its resources to reduce the number of characters in the path.