How to Create an Ownerdraw Dialog


How do I create an Ownerdraw dialog in CQ5?

Answer / Resolution

See the Ownerdraw source at /libs/cq/widgets/source/widgets/form/OwnerDraw.js.

The constructor reveals the config properties:

   constructor : function(config){ 
       this.html = config.html; 
       this.url = config.url ? config.url : ""; 
       this.hiddenField = new CQ.Ext.form.Hidden({ 
       CQ.Ext.applyIf(config, { 
           "border": false, 
           "items": this.hiddenField 
       }), config); 

it allows you to include custom HTML (html config property) or calling an external URL (url config property). This makes most sense for static HTML display. If you require customized widgets or extensions to existing widgets, it is recommendable to create your own xtype (widget) instead.

Applies to

CQ5.1, CQ5.2


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