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Resize your video using quick action

  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Express Overview
    2. What's new in Adobe Express
    3. Adobe Express system requirements
    4. Keyboard shortcuts | Adobe Express
    5. Adobe Express | Frequently asked questions
    6. Release Notes
  3. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Getting started with Adobe Express templates
    2. Create a web page using Adobe Express
    3. Create a video using Adobe Express
    4. Animate texts and photos
  4. Create and manage brands
    1. How to create and manage your brand in Adobe Express
    2. Learn how to manage shared brands and branding assets in Adobe Express
    3. Using Custom fonts in Adobe Express
  5. Content Scheduler
    1. Content Scheduler overview
    2. How to get started with Content Scheduler
    3. Connect Content Scheduler to social media
    4. Edit Facebook preview in Content Scheduler
    5. How to @ mention in Content Scheduler
    6. Social media character limits in Content Scheduler
    7. How to publish to Instagram in Content Scheduler
    8. Troubleshoot Instagram connection issues in Content Scheduler
  6. Quick action
    1. Resize your images using quick action
    2. Remove background from your images using quick action
    3. Convert your images to JPG or PNG using quick action
    4. Trim your video using quick action
    5. Resize your video using quick action
    6. Convert to GIF using quick action
    7. Crop video using quick action
    8. Learn how to Convert PDF and Export PDF using quick action
    9. Edit PDF text and images using quick action
    10. Combine PDF files and organize PDF pages using quick action
    11. FAQ | Quick actions
  7. Publish and share
    1. Collaborating and sharing on Adobe Express
    2. Hosting your Adobe Express projects
    3. Creating and using Creative Cloud Libraries
    4. Transferring projects between accounts
    5. Privacy and permissions
  8. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Express for iOS
    2. Adobe Express for Android
    3. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on iOS
    4. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Android
    5. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  9. Adobe Express for Education
    1. Adobe Express for Education
    2. Teachers- all you need to know about Adobe Express for Education
    3. Students- all you need to know about Adobe Express for Education

Change the dimensions of any video to suit your size requirements. Read on to learn how.

  1. In the home page, under Try a quick action > Edit your video, select Resize video.

  2. Choose one of the following:

    • Drag-and-drop a video in the drop zone.
    • Browse a file from your device.
    • Select a sample video.
  3. From the Resize for dropdown, choose the platform you are resizing the video for. Use the Video scale slider to scale.

  4. Download your video.

What's next?

Once you have resized the video to the aspect ratio of your choice, you can upload them to social media platforms of your choice or use them in your projects without them being cropped or compressed.

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