Share albums with friends and family, or showcase your photos on social media. It’s easy in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, whether you’re using the built-in sharing tools from your computer, your mobile device, or the web.

Share photos from your computer

Choose a single photo, or press Control+click (Windows) or Command+click (macOS) to select multiple photos. Click Share, and then Send To to share your photos on Facebook. You can also right-click on the album and select Share Album to create a link to send to others.


Save or share photos from your mobile device

Open a picture or an album and tap the share icon. Choose from the options to save the photos to your device or share to a social media app installed on your phone, such as Instagram. Tap individual photos or, if you have an iOS device, swipe to select multiple ones. Then, tap the checkmark.


Share albums on the web

Create a web gallery using photos in Lightroom. On your computer, right-click an album in Lightroom and choose Share Album. Copy the URL to share via your favorite social media channels. On your mobile device, tap the ellipses next to the album you want to share. Then, tap Share Web Gallery.

Tip: You can stop sharing an album at any time by right-clicking it and choosing Stop Sharing.


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