Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to view, comment on, and pick their favorite photos.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now Adobe Lightroom Classic, with the same functionality and features. If you're looking for the all-new photography service, check out Lightroom.



Note: Sync to Lightroom Classic on the desktop and the web requires a Lightroom Classic trial or a Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription.

Create and share a collection from the Lightroom Classic desktop app

Learn how to share your photo collections on Lightroom Classic on the web from Lightroom Classic desktop and Lightroom Classic on mobile. Then, your friends and colleagues can post feedback that you can view instantly.

Sign in to Lightroom Classic

From the Lightroom Classic desktop app, click “Get started with Lightroom on mobile” in the top left corner of the workspace.

Click “Sign In” and enter your Adobe credentials or create an Adobe user ID and password, if you don't already have one. 


Sync collections

When you sync a collection in Lightroom Classic desktop, you share your photo collection on Lightroom on the web and in Lightroom Classic on mobile.

In the Lightroom Classic desktop app, click the arrow next to Collections to see a list of your photo collections. As you hover your mouse to the left of a collection, the Sync icon appears (as shown). Click the Sync icon for the collections you wish to share.


View your collection on Lightroom on the web

Go to Lightroom on the web. On this page, select “Try Lightroom on the web” and sign in with your Adobe user ID and password. 

Tip: To do this from Lightroom Classic desktop, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) the collection you wish to share, and in the context menu, select Lightroom mobile Links > View on web.


Share your photo collection

On Lightroom on the web, click the collection you wish to share with others. After the photo collection loads, click the Actions button in the upper left corner and select “Sharing Options.”

The Sharing Options dialog box appears. Select “Shared” so that anyone you share the link with can view and give feedback on your photo collection. 

Copy the link.


Invite others to your photo collection

Paste the link into an email or text message and send it to friends or colleagues.


Friends comment on your photos

When others click the link, they can view, comment (text bubble), or like a photo (heart).


Users only need an Adobe ID, and do not need to be Creative Cloud members to view,  comment, or pick favorites. 

View feedback on your photos on Lightroom on the web, and in Lightroom Classic desktop or Lightroom Classic on mobile. With a mobile number added to your Adobe Creative Cloud profile, you’ll also receive notifications for new comments on your photos!


Create and share a collection from the Lightroom Classic mobile app

Create a new photo collection

Open Lightroom Classic on mobile.

Click the Plus (+) button in the upper right corner,  type the name of the new collection, and click “Add from Camera Roll.” Select photos to add to this collection. When done, click the Check mark in the upper right corner. 


Share your photo collection

Select the photo collection you wish to share. Click the Actions icon in the upper right corner, and select Web Collection Sharing > Share > Share Link...

Tip: As a shortcut, click the ellipse (...) at the bottom right corner for of the collection you wish to share. In the menu, select Web Collection Sharing > Share > Share Link...

Copy and paste the link an an email or text message to invite others to give feedback on your photo collection on Lightroom on the web.


Contributor: Ali Pordeli

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