Unable to validate email account in Lightroom

Validation failed for Google Gmail account

When you try to set up your Lightroom email account with Google Gmail credentials, account validation fails. The failure occurs even if the user name and password combination you are providing in Lightroom is the same that you use to sign into your Gmail account.

Note: You could also receive a warning email message from Google regarding unauthorized access.

Product versions affected

Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC 2015 and earlier

Operating system

Windows and macOS

Try the following solutions, in order. After performing each solution, relaunch Lightroom to check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 1: Turn on two-step verification and generate an app-specific password

  1. Turn on two-step verification for Google sign-in. See the Google help document Turn on 2-step verification for more details.
  2. Generate an app-specific password for Lightroom. See the Google help document Sign in using App Passwords for more details.
  3. In Lightroom, enter the app-specific password you generated and try to validate your Gmail account.  

Additional information

To understand why this error occurred, see the Google help document "Password incorrect" error

Solution 2: Adjust your Gmail account's security settings

Google security message

  1. Launch your web browser and go to your Gmail inbox. Look for a message from Google confirming that the authorization attempt was blocked.
  2. In the email message, click the link highlighted in the image above. If you can't find this email message, try the direct link to this page. 
  3. In the Google Account Help page, locate and click the "Less secure apps" section link (or use this direct link).
  4. Next to Access for less secure apps, select Turn on
  5. Go to Lightroom, and try to validate your Gmail account. 
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