When starting Lightroom Classic CC on Windows, the following Lightroom.exe - Bad Image error message appears:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC\[Filename].dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contacting your system administrator or software vendor for support.
Error Status 0xc0000020.

Product version affected

Lightroom Classic CC

Operating system



To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. Disable any antivirus software installed on your computer.

  2. Uninstall and reinstall Lightroom Classic CC.

    Uninstall Lightroom Classic CC using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. See Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps.

    Once the uninstall is complete, install Lightroom Classic CC again. See Download and install Creative Cloud apps.

  3. Try launching Lightroom Classic CC now.

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