Why was I charged a higher amount this time?

If you were charged more than expected on your bill, check for the following possible reasons.

Did your membership renew recently?

The higher charge could be because the promotional price for the membership ended and you were charged the regular price after the renewal. 

Subscribed to Creative Cloud for students? If you purchased a Creative Cloud plan for students, you may have been charged the standard subscription amount after your promotional period ended. For more information, visit Creative Cloud plans.

Did you subscribe to a trial version of an Adobe product or service?

The free trials of some Adobe products and services such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Stock automatically convert to a paid version after the trial period ends. Check your Plans page to view the products and services you are currently subscribed to.

Did you accidentally purchase an Adobe Stock premium image?

If you have an Adobe Stock membership, you can download Standard images per your subscription terms. Any premium images you purchase are charged separately. Check your Orders and invoices to see if you purchased any premium images from Adobe Stock.

Did you purchase additional Stock images (beyond your monthly plan)?

If you have an Adobe Stock membership, you might have been charged a fee if you purchased images beyond your monthly plan allotment.

Did you cancel your membership?

If you cancel your membership in between your contract, you are charged a cancelation fee. For more information, see Understand Creative Cloud subscription terms and refund policies.

Did you purchase a service such as Adobe Acrobat Export PDF that is paid yearly?

If you purchased a service such as Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack, Adobe Acrobat Export PDF, or Fill & Sign that is paid yearly, your subscription might have renewed. For details of your subscription, check your Plans page.

Did the membership price in your region increase recently?

If the membership price in your region change recently, the updated charges are reflected in your bill. You would have received an email communication from Adobe in advance about any price changes. You can also check the membership price on your Plans page.

Did your bank charge a debit-card fee?

In certain regions, banks may charge you a fee for using a debit card. If you paid with a debit card, check if your bank added a transaction fee.

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