Understanding Advertising Insights


This article has been authored and contributed by Manu Malhotra, Adobe Advertising Cloud Consultant - EMEA at Adobe.


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We often have to improve customer experience, better the ROI and adjust spending levels to achieve the targets. Raising the game, day on day is a norm. However, for all this to manifest, we do tons of information download in excel and CSVs of the world.

Certain pieces of the checks and analysis that we do on a regular basis is available on a click of a button in Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Advertising insights is a very interesting and impactful tool at the behest of a Search Engine Marketer.

Day of Week Spend

If you spend time managing optimal spend levels by Day of the Week, this is one stop destination to determine day of the week targets.

Match Type

This helps in knowing whether broad keywords drive irrelevant traffic. If you want to quantify it, Match Type analysis helps the user gauge the bearing of recent account work on portfolio performance. It reports cost and revenue share of each match type over time.

Campaign Caps

Campaign caps report helps you check if the media spend is limited by budgets so that you won’t have to portfolio settings at regular intervals to achieve best possible return on investment.

Portfolio Pre/Post

After making well thought out adjustments and carrying out optimization tactics, it is the time to evaluate them. This section gives you a quick comparison of portfolios that you select, up to five in one go, and reports their performance over two time periods.

Quality Score

In checking the overall health of account, quality score and its effect on CPC plays an important role. 
This tool returns an analysis of portfolio's impression-weighted Quality Score trend over the last 90 days. The presentation provides a grid view of keyword counts in good, average and poor quality score brackets along with weighted revenue in each bracket.

Mobile Optimization

After working on Mobile Bid Adjustments, custom creatives, mobile landing pages, this is where you can check device performance and gauge the current settings of mobile-specific optimization features. This is where you get more insights.

Settings Audit

Don’t miss any of the alarms – learning budgets set more than 10%, cost model half-life and revenue model half-life set beyond recommended levels, undesirable impact of constraints, and unassigned campaigns, all this and much more in a click of button is made available to you.

Location Target Performance Report

Reporting on clicks, cost, and weighted revenue for each location target in a portfolio is available in the Location Target Performance Report.

Perhaps, these tools will come handy as you plan and execute the digital marketing strategies to improve ROI and achieve your digital marketing objectives.