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With Elements Organizer, you can easily view and manage your ever-growing collection of photos and videos in many ways. You can organize your related photos and videos in ways that you find interesting and useful. For example, you can create an album for photos and videos you shot last summer on a visit to Europe. You can also sort and manage photos and video clips based on people, places, events, and keywords.

Views in Elements Organizer

Take a moment to become familiar with the Elements Organizer workspace. There are four views in the Elements Organizer workspace: Media, People, Places, and Events.


The Media view displays all your imported photos and videos. You can view and organize them, make one-click edits, and perform other operations. For more information, see Elements Organizer Help.


The People view helps you view and organize your photos by marking faces of the people in the photos. When you import your photos, Elements Organizer can automatically create People stacks by identifying similar-looking faces in the photos. For more information, see Mark faces in photos and organize people stacks in Elements Organizer Help.


In the Places view, you can add location information to your photos. This makes it easy to find photos taken at a location that you would love to revisit or a trip that you would love to remember. For more information, see Add information about places in Elements Organizer Help.


The Events view helps you create stacks of photos for different events. For example, you can create an event Birthday Celebration and tag photos that you want to associate with that event. All of the photos with the Birthday Celebration tag can then be quickly accessed as a stack in the Events view. For more information, see Add event information to your media files in Elements Organizer Help.

Create an album

  1. In the left panel of the Organizer workspace, select Albums, and click .

  2. The New Album panel is displayed on the right-hand side. Specify a name for the album in Album Name.

  3. Drag-and-drop photos and videos from the Media view to the New Album panel.

    Alternatively, you can select Auto Curate at the upper-right corner of the screen to quickly view your best photos. You can then drag-and-drop the photos you want to the New Album panel.

    Add photos to the new album

  4. Click OK.

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