Neural Filters feedback and known issues

Learn how Adobe uses your feedback and read about known issues

How will Adobe use Neural Filters feedback?

If you choose to submit feedback, including any images you choose to submit, Adobe researchers will view and use the feedback and images to improve filters and other features. Adobe will not use this data for any purpose other than to improve Adobe products and services.

How does Adobe protect my privacy?

Adobe takes many precautions to protect the information collected and transmitted. You can learn more about how we handle user information by reviewing Adobe Privacy Policy.

Visit the Adobe Privacy Center to find information on privacy topics, including your choices about how Adobe collects and uses your information.

Known issues and workarounds




The action of Masking Brush to modify a selected area is not recorded when recording action in Neural Filters.

Currently, all action recordings for Masking Brush to modify a selected area are disabled when using Neural Filters.

(Windows) Neural Filter download fails even after the models appear to start downloading.                                                 

If you have defined environment variables TEMP and TMP to have a path on a disk other than the primary disk, change these to a path on the primary disk (or delete the variables) temporarily for the download. Quit and restart Photoshop to pick up the variable change.


Note: The primary disk here is the disk where the %USERPROFILE%\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\UXP\PluginsStorage\

PHSP\22\Internal\ folder is located. 

Also, you can type echo %TEMP% and echo %TMP% in the cmd terminal to verify that these paths are on the same hard drive as echo %USERPROFILE%

Neural Filter download buttons are greyed out and can't be downloaded. Your account uses SDL (Shared Device Licensing).

Update to the latest Photoshop version.

Neural Filter is greyed out in the Filter menu and it can’t be launched. Your account uses FRL (Feature Restricted Licensing).

For now, Neural Filters are not available for accounts that use FRL.

You see “Loading” displayed indefinitely when using Neural Filters with Grayscale images

Update to the latest Photoshop version.

When using Neural Filters, you get the error, "There was an issue running filters"




Update to the latest version of Photoshop.
If that doesn's solve your issues, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Restart Photoshop and try again
  2. Download the filter models again
    1. Quit Photoshop, delete or rename the following folder, Start Photoshop and try again:
      1. WindowsC:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\UXP\
      2. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/UXP/PluginsStorage/


Skin Smoothing

Skin Smoothing may not work for body skin, such as neck and shoulders, as well as for skin behind glasses.

JPEG Artifacts Removal

JPEG Artifacts Removal works well with gradients and shapes but not as well with loss of fine details.

Smart Portrait: Unexpected results

  • Earrings may be altered to a different shape and size. 
  • The nose ring is likely to be preserved because the original nose region is pretty much preserved after the filter.
  • In some cases, the filter also adds earrings if they are missing.
  • Portraits with curly hair, missing facial features, or profile face views may not be detected as portraits.
  • Images showing teeth and glasses, facial features obscured by shadows, facial hair, fingers, and other objects may produce unexpected results.
  • Happiness, Surprise, and Anger sliders may distort eyes or otherwise render eyes incorrectly.

Makeup Transfer

Makeup Transfer may not work on closed eyes, occluded eyes and lips, severely tilted faces, and very dark skin tone.

Makeup Transfer may have no effect or produce unexpected results if the target image is already wearing makeup.


  • Colorize may not accurately pinpoint specific areas when manually assigning colors.
  • It may not guess the correct colors for all areas. This can be fixed using color focal point.
  • Lips may be oversaturated in some cases.
  • Transparent pixels may appear in layers after using the Colorize filter with the color layer option. This can be fixed by restarting Photoshop.

Keyboard accessibility

At this time, some keyboard shortcuts, like Tab, Alt or Option, Enter and Escape do not work as expected in the gallery.

Applied filter limit

To maintain optimal performance, you can apply up to 6 filters at one time.

Depth Blur

The depth may be incorrectly calculated. 

Landscape Mixer

  • Using more than one of the season or sunset sliders simultaneously can cause some slider effects to weaken or overpower each other. This can be mitigated by changing one slider, creating a new layer with that effect, and then doing the same for another slider, instead of adjusting all the sliders at once.
  • Some landscapes will be less transformed by sliders. For instance, snowy landscapes will look somewhat more spring-like when applying the spring slider, but may not be fully altered to look like spring, retaining quite a bit of snow.
  • Combining the Landscape Mixer filter with other Neural Filters may cause brief system "freezes/pauses" as it is resource intensive.


  • A harmonized/selected layer requires a mask or for the image to be isolated on an otherwise transparent layer. 
  • To see the preview, the chosen background layer must be visible in the Layers panel. It should also be the top-most visible layer under the harmonized/selected layer.

Intermittent crash (without crash report)

In Photoshop 23.0, when you select an image from Stock, drag-drop the image, and go to Filters > Neural Filters, the Neural Filters keep loading and Photoshop eventually crashes without generating a crash report.  


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