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Goodbye, Quick Share!

With the April release of Photoshop 23.3, Quick Share will be removed due to low usage, desire to simplify the options bar UI, and redundant functionality to other export functions.

Quickly email or share your creations to several services directly from within Photoshop.

You can now email or share your creations to several services directly from within Photoshop. When you share a document by email, Photoshop sends out the original document (.psd file). For certain services and social media channels, Photoshop automatically converts the document to the JPEG format before sharing.

Do the following:

  • In Photoshop, select File > Share. Alternatively, click the icon in the options bar.
  • In the Share panel, choose whether you want to share the full-sized asset or a smaller version of it.

    If you choose to share the smaller version, Photoshop scales down the document such that its longer edge is 1200 px long. The other edge is scaled down proportionately.
  • Click the service using which you want to share the asset. For example, click Mail.
  • For some services, you may be able to specify additional details. For example, while posting an image on Facebook, you're able to enter a "What's on your mind?" description for the image.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to share the asset.


Sharing options on macOS

Sharing options on Windows


Your operating system preferences determine the actual list of services appearing in the Share panel. You can tweak these preferences. For example, on macOS, add/remove services to the Share panel by tweaking System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu. See this Apple documentation page for more information.


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