Premiere Pro, Apple Silicon, and Big Sur | macOS 11

Is Premiere Pro compatible?

macOS Big Sur

Premiere Pro is compatible with macOS Big Sur (version 11) and there are no known issues at this time. For the best experience, we recommend running the latest version of Premiere Pro.

Apple Silicon

Premiere Pro 14.6 onwards will run under Rosetta 2 emulation mode on Apple devices with Apple Silicon M1 processors with this known issue.

Rosetta 2 emulation compatibility issues

Keyboard shortcuts greyed out

Greyed out keyboard shortcuts
Greyed out keyboard shortcuts



Keyboard shortcuts are always greyed out.

No workaround required. The keyboard shortcuts are greyed out but they still function correctly.

Native Apple Silicon compatibility

A new version of Premiere Pro with native support for Apple M1 systems is currently in Beta.

You can install the Premiere Pro Beta from the Beta tab in the Creative Cloud Desktop.

Downloading Beta apps
Downloading Beta apps

The Beta build is a separate installation with its own preferences and can be run alongside the release version of Premiere Pro. For more information, visit the Premiere Pro Beta forum.

Are legacy versions compatible?

Previous versions of Premiere Pro are compatible with Big Sur and there are no known issues at this time.  We recommend updating to the latest version of Premiere Pro for the best experience.

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