Learn how to use and customize Motion Graphics templates in your Adobe Premiere Rush CC projects.

Motion Graphics templates are created by a motion graphics artist in either After Effects or Premiere Pro. You can use these professionally created templates.

Such graphic templates deliver an overall aesthetic with specific components such as titles, lower 3rds, bumpers, and closing credits. You can select an appropriate template from the ones available within the Title Inspector, or browse Stock for hundreds of other template options.

You can then change variables such as text, color, size, layout, or mood of the motion graphic template without changing the overall aesthetic.

Premiere Rush ships with sample Motion Graphics templates. You can also bring Motion Graphics templates into Premiere Rush from the following locations:

  • Local Templates Folder
  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Adobe Stock

Import Motion Graphics templates stored on your computer

You can install a Motion Graphics template (*.mogrt) file from your computer into Premiere Rush. When you import Motion Graphics templates, you copy it into Premiere Rush's Local Templates folder. The template is available to you in the Title Inspector, and you can use it in any Premiere Rush project.

Import Motion Graphics template
Import Motion Graphics template
  1. To import a Motion Graphics template into Premiere Rush, click the ... icon.

  2. Select Install Template (Mac), or Import Template (Windows).

  3. Navigate to a Motion Graphics template you want to import. The template is copied to Premiere Rush's Local Templates folder.



Any Motion Graphics template that is stored in your Creative Cloud Libraries does not need to be imported, it is automatically available to use in Premiere Rush.

Browse and manage Motion Graphics templates

In My Templates view, you can do the following:

  • Enter a keyword in the search bar to quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Use the drop-down list to view templates available locally, or across your Libraries.
  • Favorite a Motion Graphics template by clicking its star icon, then use the Favorites filter near the search bar to quickly view all your favorites at once. 

Use Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has thousands of professionally designed titles, lower thirds, transitions, and graphics. You can browse Adobe Stock from the Title Inspector to find and customize exactly the graphic you need.

  1. In the Title panel select Adobe Stock.

    Templates under Adobe Stock
    Templates under Adobe Stock
  2. Enter your search term and press Enter.

  3. License the Motion Graphics template by dragging it to your sequence, or use the License and Download icon.

  4. To learn more about a Motion Graphics template or to preview its animation, click the "i" icon beneath its thumbnail. This also lets you know if the Motion Graphics template is compatible with the version of Premiere Rush you are using. For more information, see Stock compatibility for Motion Graphics templates.

    You can also license the Motion Graphics template to your Local Templates folder using the License or Download icon from this view.

Add Motion Graphics templates to a sequence

  1. To add a Motion Graphics template to your sequence, open the Title Inspector and click the Browse tab.

  2. Select the template that you want to use and drag it into a video track in your sequence.

  3. When you add a template to a sequence, Premiere Rush shows the media as offline until the template completes loading. If the template that you added require fonts that have not been installed, you can resolve the fonts that are missing.

  4. After adding a template to your sequence, you can customize it in the Edit tab of the Title Inspector to modify its appearance.

Customize your Motion Graphics template

You can customize your Motion Graphic templates as per your preference. To customize a template, place the playhead on the template in your sequence. Click Titles and choose the Edit option.

The template properties get updated as you change the controls.

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