Troubleshoot sync errors

Syncing on Premiere Rush is seamless across all devices. If you encounter problems with syncing, read on for troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting tips

Same login

Always make sure that you are logged into the same Creative Cloud account on all of your devices.

To check your login information:

  • On mobile: Tap the Settings icon  on the home screen of the Premiere Rush app.
  • On desktop: Click Help. Under the drop down list, you see Sign out, with your user ID.
Strong wifi

If sync fails within the Premiere Rush mobile application, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check whether you are connected to a strong WiFi network.
  • Check if Use Cellular For Sync is enabled (Settings > Preferences).
  • Try syncing again making sure that Premiere Rush is open and the app is in the foreground until sync completes.
Check cc

If sync fails within the Premiere Rush desktop application, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that your Creative Cloud application is open and logged in. 
  • Make sure that sync is completed within the Creative Cloud application. When you open the project, a blue circular icon appears in the upper right title bar of the application. This icon shows progress of the upload. 
For more information, see How project syncing works in Adobe Premiere Rush.

If some media does not download when opening the project, confirm that this media was successfully uploaded to Creative Cloud Files from the device which imported the media.

  • Browse the folders and files within /Adobe/Assets folder of Creative Cloud Files, and look for the project folder. 
  • Confirm that the media uploaded from your device is in that project folder.

If all else fails, try closing and reopening the project on the device where you created it, or reach out to us at support

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