I'm having trouble registering my user. What can I do?

Connecting your Dropbox account to Adobe Sign can be done in several ways, as documented in the user guide.

If the authentication process fails, an error message will be presented to you. Below are the trapped error messages and the suggested resolution.

Users that have an established Adobe Sign ID should register for a new Adobe ID using the same email address.

After registering, the Adobe database will correctly link your Adobe ID to your Adobe Sign ID and allow you to authenticate to your existing user account.

This error occurs when an administrator has provisioned a user with an Adobe ID, but that user has not yet provided their consent to the subscription by accepting the email invitation.

Please search your email box for an email from Adobe asking you to verify your email address. Click the link in that email to grant consent to create the Adobe ID. 

This message indicates that the account wasn’t fully established with Adobe Sign.

Please contact your Adobe Sign account administrator to enable your account with Adobe Sign.


This message indicates that you have an established Adobe ID, but the user is not entitled to use Adobe Sign.

Please contact your Adobe administrator to have your Adobe ID entitled to use Adobe Sign.

How can I access my manage tab?

Currently, the only direct route to the Manage page through Dropbox is to simulate the sending process:

  • Mouse over a document
  • Click the Open with button
  • Select the Adobe Sign option.

Once the Sign page opens, click the Manage tab in the upper left corner of the screen, abandoning the document.

Abandoning a document before sending does not count towards your transaction limit.



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