Use enterprise Only I Sign workflow

Add only your signature to a document and send

Sometimes it's necessary to sign a document yourself and send it. The Only I Sign process is designed just for this use. You can enter any information needed and apply signatures and initials, then send it off to whomever you'd like.

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  1. On the Home page, click Fill and sign a document

    Click fill and sign

  2. When the Fill & Sign page loads, click the Switch to Classic Only I Sign link

    Switch to only I sign

  3. Enter the email address of the individual you want to send the document to.


    While you can't send the document to the same email address you use to log in, you can send it to an alternate email address you have access to.

  4. Drag-and-drop, attach, or choose a document to sign and send.

  5. Check the Preview, position signatures or add form fields option and click Next.


    Only I Sign always requires that you send your signed document to someone else (meaning another email address). 

  6. You are taken to the drag-and-drop authoring environment. Drag fields from the right pane, on to the document. Make sure that you have at least one required signature field.

  7. Once you've placed all your fields, click Sign, then Send.

  8. You are then taken into the signing environment.

    Fill in all the fields and apply your signature.

  9. When you click the signature field, enter your name into the pop-up window to generate your signature. When you're done, click Apply.

  10. Once you've completed the document click Click to Sign.

  11. A message appears to let you know you've successfully e-signed the agreement and it is sent to your recipient.

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