Set authority levels for admins and users

The Adobe Acrobat Sign system supports several levels of authority, from Senders to Privacy Administrators. Each level of authority brings additional access to the agreements within the account, as well as the tools to manipulate them

Feature description

The Adobe Acrobat Sign service provides a multi-level authority system to provide access and tools to identified users. The scope of the authority any user has is predicated on the level of service they have purchased. Users can hold one or more levels of authority.

The current levels of authority can be summed up as:

  • Signers - Signers have authority specific to the agreements they have been sent.  They can view, decline or complete an agreement. Their Manage tab retains the history of the agreements sent to them, and they have the authority to view and print these agreements.
  • Senders - Senders are registered users that have full access to the Acrobat Sign interface.  Authority within the terms of an agreement includes the ability to send an agreement, replace or modify an agreement they have sent, reporting against their agreements and templates. Additional tools include the event notification system, reminders, account sharing, language/locale configuration, and other tools specifically designed to improve the personalization of the sender's account.
  • Group Admins - Group Admins have the authority to override the account-level settings and configure the group they are in to better reflect the work product of the group.  This includes most account-level settings, including branding, default signature and verification settings, workflows, templates, etc.
  • Account Admins - Account admins control the settings at the account level. Account-level settings are automatically inherited by all groups in the account unless the group-level admin overrides them (see above).  At the account level, admins can configure settings like federated sign-in, Account level branding, templates, and workflows.
  • Privacy Admins - The Privacy Admin is an extension of the Account admin role.  Privacy admins must first be an Account admin to add the additional toolset.  The privacy admin has the authority to fully delete agreements and userIDs from the Acrobat Sign servers (per GDPR requirements).

Configuration options

There are a few modifications to the default functional level for admins that can be configured:

Group Admins:

Group admin authority can be manipulated by an Account Admin for three features:

The ability to Add Users and to Override Account settings can be found in the Global Settings:



The ability to expand the scope of reporting to the whole account can be found in the Report Settings section:

Privacy Admin

The Privacy Admin is essentially an extended toolset for the Account Admin, granting access to the GDPR features.

You can enable the Privacy Admin toolset in the User Info panel:


The "GDPR feature set" can be used to delete users and their content under any requiring regulation such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


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