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Adobe Analytics has incredibly powerful reporting capabilities. Learn how to get started with your first reports.

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If you're new to Adobe Analytics some of the terminology may be confusing. We have a useful glossary to help decipher the language of analytics.

Yes we do! Many quick guides can be found in our documentation and articles directly, but we also have an index of all the official Adobe Analytics training videos on our training hub.

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Here is a comprehensive list of all the reporting capabilities in Adobe Analytics.

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Join the growing Adobe Analytics Community of expert users around the world. They range from people new to Analytics to seasoned experts.  We are there to help you from questions about capabilities through to helping with development questions. We hold regular Expert sessions with internal and external expert users and help produce articles and tutorials for you.

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Sometimes we all need a little help. Follow our Adobe Analytics FAQs for hints, tips and assistance.

We release new capabilities and features all the time for Adobe Analytics. The release notes are here.

Want to get access to the upcoming release notes earlier? As a customer you can - subscribe now and get notified when the new set of release notes is ready (generally a week before general public release).

Want to get access to the upcoming release notes earlier? As a customer you can - subscribe now and get notified when the new set of release notes is ready (generally a week before general public release).

The Experience Cloud community team is available to you on Twitter @AdobeExpCare.

Adobe "Analytics for Target" (A4T) is a cross-solution integration that lets you create activities based on Analytics conversion metrics and audience segments. This integration lets you use Analytics reports to examine your results.

If you use Analytics as the reporting source for an activity, all reporting and segmentation for that activity is based on Analytics data collection. Learn how to use A4T

Server-side forwarding is designed for customers who use Analytics and Audience Manager. Server-side forwarding lets you remove DIL (Audience Manager's data collection code) and replace it with the Audience Management Module.

When added to your AppMeasurement code, this module lets your Analytics implementation collect and send data to Audience Manager via server-side data transfers. Learn more about server-side forwarding.

If you’ve chosen Adobe Analytics, and either have Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) or are considering it, there are significant benefits to using the two together, but you might not realize just how powerful these two solutions combined can be. Learn more about the Analytics & AMO integration

Integrate Adobe Dynamic Tag Management with AEM so that you can use your Dynamic Tag Management web properties to track AEM sites. Learn more aboutintegrating Analytics & AEM via DTM

Integration between the Marketing Cloud Activation core service Triggers and Adobe Campaign allows you to send personalized emails to your customers as a reaction to specific behaviors that are tracked on your website by Adobe Analytics (within 15 minutes). Learn more about Experience Cloud triggers and Campaign

If you capture enterprise customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) database, you can upload the data into a customer attribute data source in the Marketing Cloud. Once uploaded, data can be leverages in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Learn more about Experience Cloud Customer Attributes

Analytics segments can be published to the Marketing Cloud and used in Adobe Target, for audience marketing activities. Learn more about publishing Analytics segments to the Experience Cloud

Use Case Recipes show you how to implement and deploy cross-solution workflows and integrations.

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