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Download & install

How do I download and install Photoshop Elements?

If you don't have your original media, you can download Photoshop Elements. You need your serial number, Adobe ID, and password to complete the installation. If you have your original discs, see Install Photoshop Elements from a DVD.

Why won't Photoshop Elements install?

Learn how to resolve installation issues for Photoshop Elements on Windows or Mac OS.

Can I download a trial copy of Photoshop Elements?

Yes! You can download a trial version of Photoshop Elements. You need to sign in with an Adobe ID and password to download a trial. For detailed instructions, see Download and install non-Creative Cloud trial apps.

How do I retrieve my Adobe ID or password?

Read these simple solutions to common Adobe ID and sign in issues to regain access to your account.

Can I install Photoshop Elements on another computer?

You can install Photoshop Elements on up to two computers. If you want to install it on a third computer, you first need to sign out of Photoshop Elements on one of the previous computers. Choose Help > Sign Out. For more information, see Activate and deactivate Adobe products.

Account management

How can I change my password?

Sign in to your Adobe accounts page with your current Adobe ID and password. From there, click the Security & Privacy tab, and then click Change under Password. For more information on changing your password and other account information, see Manage your Adobe ID account.

My trial expires soon. How do I convert it?

Converting your trial to a paid product is easy. See download and install Photoshop Elements.

How do I print a receipt or invoice?

Sign in to your Adobe accounts page with your current Adobe ID and password. Click the Plans & Products tab, and then click View your orders under Order History. Click the order, and then click the printer icon. For more information, see Adobe Store | Online order and payment FAQ.

How do I return or exchange an Adobe order?

See Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order for step-by-step instructions.

Fixing photos

How do I resize a photo?

Follow this video to learn how to resize and crop your photos. For additional options, see Cropping.

How do I fix red or glowing eyes after using a flash?

You can quickly correct red or glowing eyes using the Red Eye Removal tool. Learn how in the tutorial, Remove red eye and "pet-eye." For additional tips on retouching photos, see Retouch and correct photos.

How do I sharpen an image?

For a quick fix, choose Enhance > Auto Sharpen. If you want to touch up only a specific area in your photo, use the Sharpen tool. For more details, see Sharpen photos.

How do I rotate my photo?

You can rotate the entire photo or a selection within a photo. In the Edit workspace, select what you want to rotate, then choose Image > Rotate. For details and additional rotation options, see Transforming.

How do I fix the colors in my photo?

Try using the Auto Smart Tone feature. For photos that appear tinted or off color (usually from using a flash), try the Remove Color Cast command.

Enhancing photos

How can I fix a group shot so that everyone looks good?

If you've taken multiple shots of a group, use the Photomerge Group Shot option to pick and choose the right shot of each person. For instructions, see Guided mode - Photomerge edits.

How do I add text to a photo?

Use the Text tool to add text to your photos. You can add horizontal or vertical text, or type the text along a shape or path. Use preset shapes, like a heart or circle, follow the shape of an object, or create a custom path for the text. For step-by-step instructions, see Add text.

Can I place my photo in a frame?

Yes! Quick mode includes a Frames panel with several predesigned frames. Learn how to adjust the size and placement of the photo in the tutorial, Apply effects, textures, and frames. You can also create your own frame using the Guided mode Frame Creator.

Can I make my photo look like a painting or sketch?

Yes! In Expert Mode, choose Filter > Filter gallery to see a sampling. The Filter menu includes additional artistic, brush stroke, and sketch filters. Play with the settings on the right for just the right look. For an overview of what's possible, watch Have more fun with filters. For step-by-step instructions and tips, see Filters.

Can I make a greeting card or calendar in Photoshop Elements?

Yes! The Create menu lets you choose from various projects and templates. For instructions, see Create a greeting card and Create photo calendars.

Common issues

Why don't my prints match what I see on the screen?

To get the best print results, you sometimes need to change the color management settings. Color management reconciles the differences between your devices and media, such as your monitor, printer, printer ink, and paper type. For more information, see Color management settings for the best print output.

How do I print a photo without a border?

Not all printers support borderless printing. To see if you can switch to printing without borders, follow the steps in the Print FAQ.

What kind of files can I import?

Photoshop Elements lets you import many types of files. See Supported file formats for a complete list.

What's the best way to move my photos to my new computer?

Moving a catalog to another computer is a two-step process. First, back up the catalog on one computer and then restore it to another. The Organizer in Photoshop Elements has Backup and Restore features that let you easily complete this process. For more information, see Move Elements Organizer catalog.

So many new terms! Where can I find definitions?

Find explanations of basic terms and tasks in the Photoshop Elements Visual Dictionary. Learn about photo-editing terms, such as anti-aliasing, compression, exposure, raster, saturation, opacity, layers, and sampling.


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