Batch exporting produces warning for hardware performance in export settings

Batch exporting issue for hardware performance.


When you select multiple files or sequences for batch export in Premiere Pro, and your selection contains a combination of some files that can be hardware accelerated and some that cannot, a warning appears when you try to change the Performance menu.


During batch export of multiple filesthe Performance menu in Video > Encoding Settings might not show the correct hardware acceleration support of every file in your selection. If the Performance menu is set to Software Only and you attempt to change to Hardware Accelerated, a warning dialog might appear:

"Your system's hardware does not support hardware acceleration for the current settings.”

You might see the same warning in Adobe Media Encoder when editing multiple outputs in the Queue or editing Presets in the Preset Browser.


Option 1

Export each file or sequence individually. Exporting each file ensures that the Performance menu correctly shows whether hardware acceleration is available for each source.

Option 2

When you use batch export from Premiere Pro, do not adjust the Performance menu and choose the Queue option to process the files in Adobe Media Encoder. In Adobe Media Encoder, you can see the hardware acceleration support of each job by hovering over the Preset name, or by opening Export Settings for each individual job.


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